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Rescheduled: IMC-StL_Re-Boot Brainstorm #3, 4/18, 7pm @ Typo Cafe

Wednesday April 18 @ 7:00 Pm
Typo Cafe ~ 3159 Cherokee St. (at Compton), St. Louis
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[[ Off-street parking limited, respect neighbors… ]]

Current IMC-StL:
Reboot IMC-StL: http://reboot.stlimc.orgSign up for the Reboot Working Group!

Re-Boot Brainstorm #3 did not quite come off…
…the announcement never got to local recipients on the IMC-StL Listserv, because a parent server was down when it went out, and it got buried in the fix. Apologies, that's how Murphy undoes things.

The few of us who made it were not enough for big discussions & decisions, but good progress was reported on work items underway. Most notably — we're learning how some strong IMC's are set up, getting info on media training resources, and the pilot for the new website is up & running.

We're planning out 3 tiers of participation in IMC-StL:
1. Members, non-voting, open to all
2. Collective, extended clan, inactive coordinators (12+ ideally), can join after attending 2 meetings
3. Active coordinators, each serve 4month term
=> active coordinators can draw from folks in the extended clan for support on particular projects

About coming to these things: They are not just more 'meetings'.
A real Brainstorm does not bog down on hooey… real ideas have feet. This is an opportunity to THINK about what we want IMC-StL to be, and then to make it happen. It means to be something bigger than before, different from what we've seen, with YOUR inspirations on the inside.

If You Don't Like The News, Make It Yourself.

So, the Re-Boot is Re-Scheduled, Brainstorm #3 will go on the stated agenda.
Hope to see you on April 18!

__The RE-Boot Crew__
Contact: eM: scottie sca(AT)free-assembly(DOT)org


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