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May 5 Day of Solidarity with Eric McDavid

Dear friends,

The last month has brought a flurry of fundraising activity. We have now reached the $7000 mark. Thanks to everyone who has helped make this possible.

But now comes crunch time! We have less than a month before Eric's projected trial date, and we still have to raise $8000! We need your help! On May 5 we are calling for a day of international solidarity for Eric. On this day we will ask everyone to raise funds for and awareness about Eric and his case. We need your art, your music, your creative genius to help make Eric's struggle against this outrageous charge a successful one. Please consider holding a fundraiser for Eric on May 5. If you are planning a fundraiser, please be in touch with us. We will post all the fundraisers on Eric's website, as well as materials to aid you in your fundraising efforts (support flyers, t-shirt designs, information about donations, etc). Visit for more details.

Please remember that Eric has now been in jail, pretrial, for 15 months. He has been in Total Separation, or solitary, that entire time. He needs your support now more than ever, as he prepares for trial. Let's think of this weekend as not just a means to raise money, but as a way to gather and create so much love and energy for Eric that it can reach him behind those concrete walls and help carry him through these most difficult times.


For those of you in the Sacramento area, please don't forget that Eric has a hearing on calendar for April 16 at 10:00 am. We would love for the courtroom to be full of supporters for Eric. Please come dressed for court - and let us know if you have any questions. Visit for more details.

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