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Register Now for the 17th Annual Heartwood Forest Council!

Registration for the 2007 Heartwood Forest Council has now begun! Take a
minute to visit the new Heartwood website at
<> to see the Forest Council program, bios of key
presenters, online registration, directions (coming soon), and more.
Register Now for the 17th Annual Heartwood Forest Council, Memorial Day
Weekend, 2007 in the Missouri Ozarks!

Dear Friends of the Ozarks and beyond,

We would like to invite you to the 17th annual Heartwood Forest Council, to
be held Memorial Day weekend, May 25-28, 2007, in the Missouri Ozarks at
Camp([search]) Taum Sauk, on the Black River near Lesterville. The theme of this
year's Forest Council is Localism: Answering Globalism.

What is the Heartwood Forest Council?

The Heartwood Forest Council is the largest annual gathering of citizens
from across the Eastern, Central, and Southern United States who care about
the health and well-being of our nation's forests. This will be the first
time the event has taken place in Missouri. We will focus on threats to our
regional ecology and to human and community health, in an atmosphere of
collaboration designed to form stronger personal and organizational
connections. While addressing and celebrating the work that we do, the
Forest Council offers participants an opportunity to identify lasting
solutions and proven action steps that will move us as a community toward a
shared vision of a healthy, just, and sustainable society.

The program will begin the afternoon of Friday, May 25, and continue through
mid-day, Monday, May 28 (Memorial Day), and will be interspersed with ample
social time, leisure, lively local music, dancing and great food. The
Forest Council will be family friendly - kids of all ages are encouraged to

This year's program: Localism: Answering Globalism

Localism is the idea that our communities, our families, and our selves,
should be rooted where we live. Our relationship with the land is
reciprocal; we care for and nurture a landbase that in turn offers us not
just the necessities of food, water, and livelihood, but comfort,
recreation, and renewal as well. Globalism, on the other hand, seeks to
force us into an economy that would have us destroy the land under our feet
as we struggle to stay afloat in a global "race to the bottom."

This year's Forest Council will explore how we can nurture sustainable local
and regional networks that offer a viable alternative to the dominant
economy and land ethic. The program will consist of three days of workshops,
discussions, keynote speakers, and field trips. Key program elements will

* Watersheds: Karst geology, rivers, and CAFOS (concentrated animal
feeding operations)
* Lead issues: Lead mining and smelting, from the Ozarks to La Oroya,
Peru, the struggle in Herculaneum, and the ongoing hazards of lead in St.
Louis and elsewhere
* Forests: Public lands management, Roadless and other special areas,
prescribed burning on national forests, sustainable forestry and low impact
logging, land certification, and land management strategies and
opportunities including the value of non-timber forest products
* Creating viable communities and taking responsibility for our own
future: Localized economies, local food production and distribution,
alternative energy, traditional uses of plants and their preservation,
religion and environmental protection, and corporate control of food and
seed supply

A partial listing of confirmed presenters so far includes (see for a complete listing
with bios):

* Clint Trammel - Forest Manager, Pioneer Forest
* Russ Kremer - President, Missouri Farmers Union
* Charlie Stockton - Loan Fund Manager for FORGE (Financing Ozarks
Rural Growth and Economy)
* Marti Crouch - Ph.D. Biologist and Consultant on Biotechnology and
* Gary Anderson - The Forest School/ Integrated Forest Management
* Nancy Smith - Board President of Ozark Quality Hardwood Cooperative
* Terry Spence - Missouri Farmer and accomplished CAFO opponent

Up to date information, including program, registration, directions, and a
complete presenter list with bios, visit

Forest Council Cosponsors

Heartwood . Missouri Forest Alliance . Newton County Wildlife Association .
Sierra Club (Ozark Chapter) . Sierra Club (Thomas Hart Benton Group) .
Gateway Green Alliance . Missouri Farmers Union . Missouri Coalition for the
Environment . FORGE . Certified Naturally Grown . Citizens Opposed to Forest
Fires . Ozark Riverkeepers Network . Ozark Mountain Center for Environmental
Education . Eastwind Community . Bluegrass Group Sierra Club . Buckeye
Forest Council . Global Justice Ecology Project . Regional Association of
Concerned Environmentalists . Virginia Forest Watch . Allegheny Defense
Project . Permaculture Activist . Coal River Mountain Watch . Wild South .
American Lands Alliance . The Wilderness Society . Save America's Forests .
Citizens Coal Council . Jackson Purchase Audubon . Native Forest Council .
Bean Mountain Farms . Goods from the Woods . Pan's Garden . Indiana Forest
Alliance . Kentucky Heartwood . Kentuckians for the Commonwealth . Karst
Environmental Education and Protection . Shagbark . Southern Appalachian
Forest Coalition . Center for Sustainable Living . WildLaw . Black Bear
Bakery . Confluence([search]) . Dogwood Alliance . Virginia Environmental Council .
Bluegrass Group Sierra Club . Southern Appalachian Biodiversity Project .
Ohio Valley Environmental Coaltion . Northwoods Wilderness Recovery .
ForestEthics . Wild Virgina . Dogwood Alliance . Living Education Center for
Ecology and the Arts . Appalachian Voices . National Forest Protection
Alliance . Coalition for Health Concerns . Clinch Coalition . Starla
Medina Tonning Scholarship Fund . Knob and Valley Audubon . Protect Our
Woods . Rosemary Wakeham . Mike Smith . Dee Dokken . Dave Dyer . Jilian

Cosponsor the Forest Council!

We need your help to put this important program on, and hope that you will
be willing to lend your name and financial support as a cosponsor of the
2007 Forest Council. As a cosponsor, you or your organization or business
will be listed in all applicable promotional materials and have the option
of setting up an informational table at the event (you may also remain an
anonymous supporter should you choose). Funds raised will be used to
underwrite the event and make it affordable for low- income Ozark residents
and activists who might otherwise be unable to attend.

For groups and organizations, we offer the following general guidelines
based on annual budget:

Annual budget Suggested donation

under $25,000 $25

$25K-$100K $50

$100K-$250K $100

$250K-$500K $200

$500K-$2million $250-$500

over $2million $1000

To cosponsor, make checks payable to "Heartwood," and send to: Heartwood
Forest Council, PO Box 1011, Alton, IL 62002-1011. Please make sure to
include your name and contact information, and a notation that your donation
is to cosponsor the Forest Council.

If you have any questions regarding the Forest Council, please contact Jim
Scheff at shagbark12 (at) or (314) 991-4190.

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