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Alberto Gonzales US Attorney Purge, Tip of the Iceberg

Attorney Gonzales is involved in vast civil rights corruption and crime that pales the US Attorney controversy. This is not a question of ethics or political motivation, it involves an indisputable factual conspiracy against the civil rights of an entire state reminiscent of 1930s Germany.

Below is a letter sent to Bush crony, the right-wing Governor of Vermont, James Douglas. The letter was also sent to Alberto Gonzales, the Bush Justice Department and FBI. See comments on the epitome of hypocrisy that this policy demonstrates after the letter.


Scott Huminski
111-2C Killam Court
Cary, NC 27513

Governor Douglas April 5, 2006
Office of the Governor
109 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05609

RE: Executive Director Elrick, Vermont Police Academy

*** Certified Mail 7005 1820 0002 4430 4817 ***

Dear Governor Douglas,

This letter concerns your appointment of R.J. Elrick (“Elrick”) to the position of Executive Director of the Vermont Police Academy on October 17, 2004.

*On June 1, 1999 civil rights charges were lodged against Elrick in United States District Court (“USDC”).

*In spring of 2001 the USDC entered a federal injunction against Elrick for violating the civil rights of a Vermont citizen.

*On October 7, 2004, the United States Second Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan found R.J. Elrick to be a civil rights violator. This is the highest federal court under the U.S. Supreme Court and Elrick failed to appeal.

*On or about October 17, 2004, you appointed Elrick, a known civil rights violator, to arguably the most important law enforcement position in the state.

*In January 2006 the State paid $200,000 to settle for other defendants

*At trial at USDC on March 27 & 28, 2006 a federal jury found that Elrick was liable for $50,000 in damages, they found he acted with malice.

Governor; (1) you rewarded a malicious civil rights violator with a promotion that puts every Vermonter at risk, or (2) you conducted a negligent or nonexistent investigation prior to appointment of a crony, or (3) Elrick failed to disclose his legal troubles and used deceit to gain your appointment.

Whatever your reasoning was in 2004, your failure to take action to remove Elrick now speaks volumes. Elrick’s last transgression was in the summer of 2002. His conduct constitutes violation of criminal civil rights statutes. See 18 U.S.C. §§ 241,242 (Conspiracy Against Rights, Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law). The statute of limitation on the 2002 civil rights crime is 5 years. Whatever powers you can invoke at this time, you certainly can request federal law enforcement investigate this matter.
Very Truly Yours,

Scott Huminski
Cc: Interested parties


Continue Commentary:

Alberto Gonzales, consistent with Bush doctrine, refuses to prosecute crimes against the civil rights of U.S. citizens. Alberto Gonzales supports terrorist civil rights atrocities against the people of the United States perpetrated by our own government officials. The eagerness of Alberto Gonzales to ignore these civil rights crimes only encourages such crimes and Gonzales himself becomes an enabler of, and conspirator in, federal civil rights crimes.

Alberto Gonzales refuses to criminally prosecute the top training police officer in Vermont (a Republican appointed by a Republican Governor). The civil rights this police official violated are First Amendment rights; the right to criticize government officials and the right to observe court proceedings. This finding was made by the conservative United States Second Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan.

The cornerstone of a police state is to silence dissent and to maintain secret court proceedings, the very civil rights violations found to have been violated by the top law enforcement official mentioned above. As Executive Director of the Vermont Criminal Justice Training Counsel, this man is responsible for training every town, city and State police officer in Vermont. Alberto Gonzales applauds such activity as revealed by his refusal to prosecute.

Gonzales and Bush policy indicates that we have become police of the world and invaders of various worldwide venues to bring to these countries rights, liberties and democracy when the government’s own policies at home submit entire States to the terror of police trained by a civil rights violator. Perhaps we should worry about democracy, rights, freedoms and liberties at home prior to worldwide expeditions.

With the entire safety of a State population at risk, Gonzales has chosen to terrorize these unfortunate citizens with a high law enforcement official who has very publicly adopted and endorsed police state terror tactics reminiscent of 1930s Germany. Just as Elrick’s predecessors proclaimed at the Nuremburg trials after WWII, throughout litigation and at trial Elrick claimed he was “just following orders”. This police official should clearly be prosecuted by Gonzales for federal civil rights violations, not training police officers. Alberto Gonzales refuses to liberate the people of Vermont with a prosecution of this law-breaker and concluded that that the aforementioned conduct, “does not involve a prosecutable violation of federal criminal civil rights statutes [18 U.S.C., §§ 241, 242].”.

The United States should not serve as an example to any nation in the world until the precepts set forth at the inception of this nation, most notably, the Bill of Rights, are obeyed by our own government officials.

Scott Huminski

The federal court case,

More on police training by the abovementioned Elrick who was a trainer at the Vermont Police Academy prior to his deplorable promotion to top cop trainer.

Background on the author’s equal opportunity political criticisms and his rock music (aka Scott X),

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