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- A Modest Proposal Concerning A Proper Use For High C -

=OR= How we can Redeem the Legacy of the Sixties, Fight the Good Fight, Vanquish Darkness, Play the Trumpet, and Win the Revolution without firing a shot... no promise we won't be fired upon, tho...

George W. Bush, schizoid madman, half Fightin’ Fundie & half Lucifer-worshipping Bonesman, seems doomed and determined to bring Doomsday upon us, post haste, maybe even as soon as Good Friday.

The Question then becomes – How can we Stop this insane jerk at the helm of the Ship of State? – Or will we become flotsam and jetsam on the tide of history as the BushLeague and the Neo-cons succeed in their desperate & wicked drive to nuke Iran? - The earth being thrown out of its axis, the sea and the waves raging, just like Jesus said would happen one day?

So how about it, children? Is it worth the lives of our children and grandchildren to try, once and for all, to stop this madness? - Is it worth risking our jobs, our mortgages, and our livelihoods to stop it? - How about all of you out there in e-land, in the sight of this here e-talk, choosing to lay down your lives, if necessary, to try to stop the mad rush of the Bushies to Armageddon?

How about, for starters, us all getting down to watch the film, "Gandhi" so we can repeat what that great man did, in leading that march to the sea to make salt?

How about assembling masses — I’m talking about thousands here now, Children - of people for days on end around the financial hub of Wall Street, so that we can "shut it down" - so that they can not proceed with all of their insane "profit-taking" during the coming, planned, nuking of Iran?

Just plug in that old tape of Mario Savio about putting your body on the line to shut down the system, and just apply it in other Applications: Wall Street, & the Pentagon, for instance.

On May 1, 1971, the Yippies, and others, tried to levitate the Pentagon, by getting thousands to chant OM all at once. Folks who were there say that it budged, maybe an inch. Nice try, kids.

I say that the Yippie elders were lacking in Vision. They aimed too low, since they were merely attempting to “raise the consciousness” of those inside the Pentagon.

- How about assembling thousands of people in Washington, D. C., again, to march on the Pentagon, again - but this time, everybody bringing a Trumpet, and marching around the Pentagon Seven times, and everybody hitting high C, all at once?

With a little faith, and forty thousand peace-warriors armed with trumpets, we might be able to repeat what Joshua and the Chilluns of Israel([search]) dun seen go down at Jericho, and save the Planet from the destruction that W, like some man possessed by ol’ Beelzebub, the grand-daddy of perdition, seems driven to accomplish.

In order to do this - and I am serious, now, we should all prepare, very seriously, first, by going down to the local pawnshop, and purchasing the cheapest trumpet we can buy. If you've got one up in the attic, or can borrow one from a friend, or uncle, all the better.

Take some time, and learn how to play the damned thing. But it is enough if you can learn how to hit high C, really loud. Practice breathing deep, so you can sustain high C. Seven times around the Pentagon is a long march.

Next, we should all get ourselves psyched up to do the above-mentioned act of political-suicide- pacifist-terrorism by going down to the local Afro-american Baptist or Pentecostal church. Sit in, every Sunday. Sing along with that sweet choir. Ingratiate yo self with the preacher. Be baptized, if necessary.
This is War.

Tell him you got to hear a Sermon about Joshua, and the Walls of Jericho. Get the choir to sing about it, too - "Joshua fit de battle of Jericho, Jericho, Jericho, Joshua fit de battle of Jericho, and de walls came tumbling down." Let all of that soulful purpose sink deep down into you.

...Meanwhile, you be busy practicing hitting high C real loud on your trumpet, and you be busy organizing all of your new Afro-american church friends, 'cause we're gonna need them, Honey, and anybody else you can muster with a trumpet who can make it on down to the Pentagon - or Wall Street, depending as the case may be - there has to be a division of labor, on this point - And then when the day comes, der Tag, you be sure that you get on the bus, and make it on down to either New York or D.C., to see if we can make some walls fall down just now.

This is a serious proposal, to all organizers out there in E-land, within the sight of this e-letter. Get with it, for the days are short, and the Time surely is at hand.


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An inglorious peace is better than a dishonorable war.
-- Mark Twain
Source: "Glances at History" (suppressed)

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