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IMC-StL_Brainstorm #3, April 5

** The IMC-StL_Re-Boot Brainstorm #3**

Thursday April 5 @ 7:00 Pm
Typo Cafe ~ 3159 Cherokee St. (at Compton), St. Louis
[[ Off-street parking limited, respect neighbors… ]]

You are invited again to join the 'IMC-StL Re-Boot", as the Brainstorms rage on.

We have called on "Media-Rads & Indy-Geeks, Journalists, Artists & Allies" — all of the above. It is a genuine vision of diverse talents coming together to build IndyMedia into something new and valuable in St. Louis. Think about it, pass it on to able friends who would want to know.

This is not going to be a clubbish little dude ranch. Wizards of all culture & gender persuasions are encouraged to jump in and shape this initiative … it grows on a broader consensus of views, aspirations, and skills in the community.

We've made some good progress to date: We recently sent out minutes ("Moments") of the fist 2 Sessions (3/15, 3/26), outlining the formative work underway. As a reminder, the continuing saga unfolds on these agreed 1st Steps:

[1] Crew-Building: 3 major areas — Editorial, Tech-Ops, Co-Ops
[2] Targeted Outreach: Public/Media org'ns - contributors, links, allies.
[3] Research IMC Strategies: How other IMC's deal with these problems.
[4] Public Event: Plenary workshop w/ broad involvement, proposals in play.
[5] Journalism Training: Build grassroots skills - how to get a story.

RSVP, queries & ideas welcome, show up Thursday to help make it all happen


__The RE-Boot Crew__
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