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DIY Barter Festival @ Black Bear 4/7

Bring your favorite Do It Yourself creations to barter, exchange or gift. Exhibitors range from art and crafts to zines and promises for help.

Sat. April 7, 2007
10am - 3pm
Black Bear Bakery, 2639 Cherokee

Exhibitors so far: graphic arts, potholders, parenting zines, posters, art, jewelry, homemade books, stickers, music (including Tension Head records), political zines, crochet and more!

Though not strictly adhered to, these are the guiding ideas behind the 2007 DIY Festival:
1. To encourage the creation and exchange of homemade arts, crafts, ideas and expressions;
2. To bring together a community of people to exchange, barter and gift in order to meet their needs;
3. To support human interaction in unusual ways outside the market economy;

Daily some of us feel forced into the role of producer or consumer in all aspects of life. From products we do not need to living a life we do not want. Parceling out and commodifying the natural abundance of the planet, the capitalist economy enforces a policed scarcity for most people. "Freedom" is defined as freedom for investors and employers to steal from you, the community and the environment. This approach deadens life, community and our vitality.

The DIY Festival tries to break down those stale roles to takes steps in the direction of authentic and direct interaction. What do you want? What are your desires? What do you want to give? What would you do if tomarrow we had an economy based on gift and barter rather than purchase and exploitation? The DIY Festival is an experiment. It is a step in the direction of a "Really, Really Free Market."


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