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Radical Puppet Show @ Shangrila Diner 4/4

Come one, come all!!!

Rainbow Rep Puppet Theater Presents:

UPRISING ON THE FARM: Can a farmgirl stand up to a big corporation?

Radical, revolutionary puppetry!
Shangrila Diner,
2201 Cherokee([search]) @ Missouri, 2 blocks East of Jefferson


Rainbow rep will be opening for: The Aerobic Dance Band from Kansas City.

There may be a small cover charge.

SHANGRI-LA is a smoke free environment.
Coffee, tea, non-alcoholic drinks and some food will be available.

For more info call: 314.771.8576


Re: Puppet Show

Will Corky the Commie Clown and Comrade Mr. Patches be there too?
How 'bout Barney the Red Dinosaur?
Will any adults be allowed in?

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