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2nd Annual Kiss Army Unites Rally, a gathering of Kiss Fans from all over the world converging around the Rock Hall!
This Years Rally will once again take place at Voinovich Park in Cleveland, Ohio Saterday August 4rth 2007! Fans from around the world this time around will converge to meet and have fun and show their disgust against the Rock Hall! Last years event featured speeches on the steps of the Rock Hall, Kiss Tribute bands performing, venders, this year will be bigger! If you arrive the night before stop in at the Velvet Dog, a place last year as well as this year where fans can meet the Promoters of the Rally as well as other fans. A DJ is scheduled to be there and its located 1280 west 6th street. Start making Hotel reservations now! Guests and Food and Beverage details comming! For more info go to John Wicker-Rally Promoter,Kiss Army Missouri Division

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