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Matt Blunt and Francis Slay Don't Like Black People

It's that simple.

We are on the brink of a life-altering event with the takeover of the Saint Louis Public Schools. The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has decided with no plan of action, no plan for change, and no plan to exit, to take the accreditation from SLPS and institute an un-elected transitional board effective June 15th, 2007.
The transitional board will be comprised of three members one each appointed by Governor Matt Blunt, Mayor Francis Slay([search]), and Aldermanic Elect President Lewis Reed. The Governor has nominated a businessman from Frontenac to serve as the CEO of the SLPS. News Flash, the business plan has already failed in St. Louis with Mayor Slay’s hand picked board and William Roberti.

Francis Slay failed miserably the first time, Missouri can’t fix the potholes in the streets, and we are expected to just trust Slay, DESE, and Blunt to magically repair a district none of them have any stake in whatsoever. St. Louis City voters have chosen not to elect heavily financed Slay backed candidates in the last two school board elections, and now he is in trouble with Civic Progress (RCGA). St. Louis was just voted the most dangerous city in America. The mayor can’t run a safe and solvent city, much less a school district. Oh I forgot the award we paid thousands of dollars to get- the most revitalized something or other. Just wait until the real estate market crashes and these $400,000 tax bated, school fund robbing lofts can’t be sold for $200,000. Missouri ranks 43rd in teacher salaries- no wonder they have a shortage of teachers and fell this year in educational ranking.

Friends, please help to stop this madness. There is another school board election April 3rd where two parent candidates will likely win and help put SLPS back where it was before Slay’s team took office in 2000- two points shy of full accreditation and working towards gaining full accreditation. Yes, Slay’s fabulous four are directly responsible for the mess the St. Louis Post Dispatch prints about every day. Slay’s team lost the points, they spent like crazy, and they ripped almost every good program in SLPS apart, which I believe was done purposely for the Mayor’s dream of sponsoring charter schools (Senate Bill 564).

The future of the St. Louis Public Schools now hangs in the balance based upon the recent decision by the Missouri State Board of Education to strip the district of accreditation and to disenfranchise voters who have elected school boards for well over a century. The Organization for Black Struggle (OBS) stands in fierce opposition to the state takeover.

OBS considers the election for the two remaining seats as pivotal to rescuing the district from corporate raiders, to restoring public confidence in district leadership and to regaining full accreditation.

OBS announces its endorsement of candidates David Lee Jackson and Katherine Wessling. The endorsement is based upon candidate forums, the St. Louis Greens candidate survey and discussions with the candidates. In addition, the two have emerged as a consensus slate by many sectors of the community.

Both Jackson and Wessling currently have children who attend schools in the district. As involved parents, Jackson and Wessling will ensure the voices of parents be heard and respected. They are committed to working diligently for the restoration of accreditation for the district along with Superintendent Diana Bourisaw and other supporters. Both candidates have a long term vision for the schools but also understand the immediacy of addressing such issues as safety, academic excellence and financial viability.

OBS will continue to work with those who truly have the interests of the children at heart and to oppose all efforts to dismantle the public school system.


Re: Matt Blunt and Francis Slay Don't Like Black People

Did you write this Kalimu. It doesn't sound literate enough to be Jamala but it may be just paranoid enough to be Percy. Oh well, no matter, you guys are always a source of amusement.

Re: Re: Matt Blunt and Francis Slay Don't Like Black People

I don't know if you're Matt or Francis but thanks for substantiating the above article!


It didn't take Former Republican Senator Jim Talent of Missouri long to take a spin through the revolving door between government and the private sector. Talent just lost the Senate seat that he had held since 2003 in November, but the public relations firm Fleishman-Hillard has already hired him as co-chairman of its Government Relations subsidiary. Talent said that it is a "great platform to work on raising the profile of the same issues I did in Congress," including defense, health care and transportation. He also intends to continue his part-time fellowship at the Heritage Foundation in addition to advising Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney on domestic policy issues.

Re: Matt Blunt and Francis Slay Don't Like Black People

To be perfectly blunt, those people at OBS slay([search]) me.

Re: Re: Matt Blunt and Francis Slay Don't Like Black People

Once again, more emotion and less reasoning. An inability to carry on a sustained dialogue leaves you to simply react with sound bytes you've heard somewhere.

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