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Analysis of 9-11 and Death of FDIC Bank Examiners, And CAll for New American War

Below, I, a former FDIC bank examiner and American Holocaust Victim have placed an analysis with links regarding 9-11. Obama is just another Presidential plug. We need to destroy their system of lies and payola.

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I will theorize, or at least start to theorize, on the events of 9-11-2001 in the USA and the events preceding that date, and our current condition in the United States, before that time and after, and I will try to bring in the entire context of that which I am aware.  I see a condition has arisen in which we are better off dead than to be housed and imprisoned on this planet, Earth.

Like a blind man whose hands is anesthetized and who has his captors standing over him telling him he is writing a note with a pen, but in reality the blind man is writing with his own blood his will and testament to his captors who control the pen and write in their names instead of his family, we are like that blind man.  The mass media and those who control government and the public schools and medicine are like his captors.  Let us hope for a global war to rip their or IT's damned head from its shoulders.

Now, I am done detailing my motivation for the analysis of 9-11-2001 under current constraints and conditions.

WE know we the common do not control space.  We know that someone somewhere is coming and going at will in continuums of space which we are not privy.  We know that our nation's people in the United States have been relegated to a lower caste.  We can see this fact in our current condition of non-ownership of factories and our exclusion from higher governmental office in the financial and political arenas.  We know we do not control medicine and that many hospitals are now doing forced injections and labeling all insane who report the atrocities among us. 

We also know that the world's main combatants are now apparently taking a back seat and we know that the United States has assumed the role of financier and supplier of men for the world's main combatants and their age old enemies.  For instance, Afghanistan and Russia fought for years.  The USA of yesteryear was Afghanistan's weapons supplier.  Now, the USA is waging war on the Afghanistan nation and people.  The USA also supplied Iraq's Sadam Hussein weapons for years as he fought the Iranians.   We know that Japan has tried to conquer the Pacific rim for a very long time.  Now the Japanese seem to be conquering the USA industry, both in construction of buildings and automobiles.   We know that now EADS, a German weapons manufacturer, is now building and selling weapons systems to the USA on American soil and overseas.   We know that many countries in South and Central America, including Mexico have poor ecomonic systems and sell drugs to survive.   They who profit from the drug business have no love for the American people or any people who have tried to exploit and control them. They would side with anyone if it protects them and gives them financial rewards.

We know the USA mass media seems to follow the leader or assume the leadership role with those who control the United States.  We know that the wealthy who now run the United States seem to want to starve public education funds, starve American industry and the investment in industry by Americans themselves.  We know that the National Treasury Employees Union came to extreme power in the mid 1970's and we know that in doing so they violated sound governmental practice because their structure and control and power over numerous federal agencies violated the rules forbidding "collusion". 

We know Casino's have spread across the nation since the 1970's.  We know that the Casino's have most of their "Reported" gambling income taxed.  We know that the nature of mankind is that of greed, and to have access to those gambling funds not reported, or "Skimming" as it is known, leads to the need to funnel money into legitimate channels, or launder money as it is commonly known, so that it can be used in the public sector.  We know that the FDIC and Treasury and their syndicates complicit with the NTEU and the Casino's have enabled money laundering operations in the federal government.  We know this because we can infer it from human nature and greed, the nature of the history of casino business and money laundering, and the fact that I witnessed where an FDIC director in San Francisco was killed in San Francisco and labeled suicide and that the USA government factions who killed him tried to silence me, a former FDIC bank examiner, when I reported money laundering.  The Federal factions in Los Angeles via San Francisco and Washington D.C. and Alabama ordered me silent, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, on the FDIC situation.  An attempt was made on my life, I was injected on several occasions and jailed.   I was even diagnosed with an unexplained cut in my mouth and one dentist told me an old military dental filling looked like electronics, and I spit blood after going to court in Alabama.  There were numerous other nightmarish anomalies that the website at Mobile Audit Club details about myself.

We know that the technology of warfare is now like a series of traps.  We will have to fight back or we are better off dead.

Therefore, the attacks of 9-11-2001 indicated a striking back of Americans against the filth that has crept into the top of the United States industry and government.    The American Airlines attacks on the World Trade Center were likely by Americans and the attack on the alleged "Vacant" part of the pentagon were by Americans.  WE must ask, "What offices were hit directly on 9-11 in New York City and what was in the alleged "vacant part of the pentagon" that was hit. 

It appears that Fuji Bank was on one of the floors hit by the planes and that Thermite was already in the building before the planes hit.  I know for a fact that the Obayashi Corporation of Japan is taking the construction contracts of the West Coast  of the USA from American Held corporations and Americans are bent down like low life dogs to their owners and managers from Japan and Japanese stock.  It was also found that Marsh and Mclellan had huge data handling capacity directly hit on another floor.  We can not be sure that the correct floors were hit or named in the reports given, and nor can we know every player in this war.  It is cloak and dagger, it is cut throat, and it is insidious.  However, if we are to be subservient to beasts, we should fight with them to our mutual deaths if necessary, like a puffer fish though, we should leave them or IT staggering before it dies.  American Capitalism once meant hope, and now it means enslavement and torture.

It is my theory that the offices hit in NYC were the hub of some sort of criminal industry that is trying to hardwire the United States into a subservient position.  It may work out that Americans will not only have to kill the current leadership in the United States, but that in Russia, who is a mortal enemy of the Afghanistan people.  It may be too that we will have to attack Israel([search]) and remove their land grabbing leadership who hate the Iraqi's and all other Arab nations who threaten their pale skin leadership claiming a domain over the region.   Of course, we can not forget the age old question of the European nations of Germany and Israel and even France of wanting domain over the United States.    We also must not forget Japan wanting their power grab and that of China who want to be left alone in their own destiny.

We will have to be like a Puffer Fish in the United States, when they step upon us, they will have to die from our poisons. That poison will be our resolve to obtain our own weapons systems of high technology and cripple their defense systems around the globe and into space and cannibalize all who try to counter our offenses.  We can not even trust inoculations of our children because we no longer control the medical realm and industry.  We can not trust the doctors who may be sympathetic to those foreign nations, Russia, Israel, and the nations of Europe, in particular most  if not all of Western Europe, and we should not forget Japan, China, and Vietnam.  It is ironic that the leadership at the Los Angeles Veterans Administration was hostile toward me in 2001, 4-22 and 4-23, up to this day.  They even lied on medical documents and withheld them for years.  It is also ironic that Flagstaff Medical Center injected me and knocked me unconscious in 2004 when I reported Hazard Material crews in the deserts of New Mexico.  The Flagstaff Medical Center may have been complicit in having me raped also, when I was jailed there for three days, knocked unconscious  with forced injections not once but likely twice,  and extorted of several thousand dollars.  I want that medical center shut down in the future and those who support forced injections in the state brought up on war crimes charges and executed.  I may have been subjected to forced electric shock at the LA VA in 2001 after working as a bank examiner for the FDIC, as my memory of some key events was scanty, including when the FDIC and NTEU management tried to take my camera from me outside of their offices on St. Valentine's day 2001 and my being followed on a ferry from San Francisco to Sausalito and back.   They want war, therefore we should give them death.


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