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Freedom to Fascism: Outing the Constitutional Criminals

An Analysis and Review of Aaron Russo's Film, America: Freedom to Fascism

We'll talk some details. But, in the last analysis, Aaron Russo's 2006 film, "America: Freedom to Fascism" is a force of nature. It rips through the secret society corruption culture's history, from 1913 on.

Aaron Russo's film is a deal-breaker. The deal — the social compact between Americans and their secretly-fascist-since-1913 national government — will be broken for most ethically normal Americans at the film's first viewing. The Russo-shepherded truths are self-evident. The corrections obviously needed are massive.

Russo has outed the constitutional criminals and class-war slavers of the US-national-govt / private-central-banks partnership. And he's done it in such a way as to present one of the first coherent-whole, high-impact pictures of their sneak-thief moves against Americans.

"America: Freedom to Fascism" is available in hi-Q DVD and pay-per-view. It's also available for free viewing online through lower-Q Google Video. In its "final cut", it runs 1 hour, 49 minutes, and some change. Go to Russo's site at —

and scroll down through the list of options. Free viewing is at "Watch the Movie Online". Just click on "Go".  Or, of course, you can purchase it and support Mr. Russo's work.

Less than two minutes into the film, Russo has nailed together the events of the unconstitutional personal income tax (February 1913 fraudulent ratification of the insufficient 16th Amendment) and the unconstitutional Federal Reserve (December 1913 illegal delegation of one of Congress' essential legislative functions — the coining and valuing of money).

Money from the "voluntary compliance" personal income tax pays toward the national debt that the usury of the Federal Reserve stacks against the nation in daily windrows.

The Federal Reserve usury is like a giant magnifier for the superrich. Its treasonous "fractional reserve" hocus pocus creates indebtedness with every dollar created and loaned. The lawful counterfeiting of unsecured "fiat" money out of thin air — horrendously unconstitutional — multiplies the money supply ad nauseum, automatically reducing the value of the dollar while it creates automatic inflation. Every dollar created out of thin air has its bogus and usurous "interest rate" attached (read, "usury fee"), drawing very real compound interest. The overall effect is one of superprofits to the superrich private bankers who own the Federal Reserve — an ownership list that is as secret as is the amount of currency in the money supply — and daily increases of power within the Federal Reserve to go right on magnifying its profits and power.

The purpose of the personal income tax is to redistribute wealth upward and to control the civil society. The purpose of the Federal Reserve is to redistribute the wealth upward and to control the civil society. The receivers of the redistributed wealth and the controllers of the society are the private owners of the Federal Reserve — not the government.

The timing of the secret societies' income tax and Federal Reserve machinations is no mystery. It was the Reform Era. We the sovereign people were demanding state-level citizen lawmaking to end the Gilded Age's Robber Baron corruptions. By December 1913, citizens in seventeen states had rammed direct democracy down the elitist throats of their state constitutions, and it looked like there would be many more. We were on the brink of a new political dynamic that could shut down all of the elites' corruption machines. Courts across the country, including SCOTUS, had rejected the elites' arguments and ruled citizen lawmaking intrinsic to the Constitution. We were scaring the hell out of the murderous elites. The only answer to their corrupt situation was more corruption.

For days after my first viewing of "Freedom to Fascism", my mind continually replayed Russo's quote from Paul Warburg, member of the Council on Foreign Relations and architect of the 1913 Federal Reserve Act. The quote is from Warburg's speech to the US Senate, 17 February 1950: "We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether world government will be achieved by conquest or consent".

Predator elitism's strategies for world government have been clear to them since the 1694 founding of the first central bank, the Bank of England. The authors of the Constitution knew and despised usurous central banks. They did everything they could to ensure that no such creature would ever hold power in the US. Surprise. Since the 1913 founding of the Federal Reserve, the intentions of the Constitution's authors have been the laughing stock of the secret societies from Skull and Bones, to the CFR, to the Trilateral Commission, to the Bilderberg Group. Americans are way out on the edge of the near-future Owellian world government.

The central bankers knew, from their approx 220 years experience with the Bank of England and other European central banks prior to 1913, that American indebtedness would grow so large that the central bankers would eventually own the American nation.

Has that happened? We have (1) a national debt of $8.6 trillion, (2) the value of the dollar reduced to 4 cents in 1930 dollar-value by the continual inflation of the Fed's unsecured currency watering down dollar value by continual increases of the money supply, (3) the Bush-Cheney package of tax cuts for the multinational, stateless superrich helping to skyrocket the national debt, (4) the absurd, unconstitutional, felonious, and treasonous war in Iraq helping to skyrocket the national debt, while it provides war profiteering for the central bankers who finance it, with their phoney "interest" usury added on, (5) corporate taxation at an all-time low, and corporate tax evasion at an all-time high, helping to skyrocket the national debt, (6) a back-door, undebated, and undeliberated "Real ID Act" effective May 2008 — attached as a rider to a May 2005 funding bill for the Iraq war by the "Conference Committee" (one of the most evil, stupid, anti-democracy, and unAmerican corruption machines in the national government) — set to turn us into a very real police state for the benefit of money-power in May 2008, and (7) the fascist leaders of the US, Canada, and Mexico — unchecked by their civil societies — about to use the media-hushed and secretive North American Union to reduce our three nations to the slave pool that the EU "Constitution" nearly achieved in Europe last summer, and to replace the dollar with the central bankers' Canusmex currency, the Amero, in the process.

Do the central bankers own our nation? Russo thinks so. Most of his film is about the details of that ownership. And the more details he lays on, the more persuasive his sustained argument is.

Near film's end, he gives a 1991 quote from David Rockefeller, a member of predator elitism's Council on Foreign Relations. It trumpets the criminal CFR's secrecy, national ownership, and world-governing arrogance.

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine, and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years.

"It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years.

"But now the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government.

"The supra national sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries."

I'm doomed to fail the CFR sophistication test. I'm convinced that the elites want to take away our rights, freedoms, and liberties to cut their costs, increase their profits, make their power over us predictable and safe, and turn our children into corporate zombies with short and miserable lives. There is no group of them that I'm willing to trust with the time of day, let alone the governance decisions that will rule human life worldwide. I'm unfit for their world. They'll just have to kill me.

As such thoughts sink in and spread because of Russo's work, Americans will become more and more combative. We didn't come all this way to be gang-banged by a bunch of prissy superrich. The unconstitutional IRS wreckage of American lives like those of Joe Louis, Willie Nelson, and John Colaprete will beg vengeance. The unconstitutional wreckage of our rights, freedoms, and liberties under the 3-branch, Bush-Cheney fascist despotism will beg vengeance. There is a new wall-slamming, smash-mouth American politics coming.

In the first two minutes of film, Russo has already said that US Secretary of State Philander Knox fraudulently certified the 16th Amendment's ratification. Because of this fraud, Russo says, the American people were led to believe that there was a legitimate, graduated tax on their labor and wages, when there was not.

Per several SCOTUS rulings since, the 16th Amendment granted no new taxation power. Constitutionally, we still have only indirect taxes, which are avoidable and must apply nationwide (excise tax is an example), and direct taxes, which are unavoidable and must be spread equally among the people ("apportioned" in tax jargon). The "graduated", unapportioned, direct income tax, Russo and many of his conmmentators argue, is as unconstitutional today as it was the day after its fraudulent ratification in 1913.

The fraudulent ratification of the 16th Amendment is a minimum-mention item. Go for the evidence.

The evidence shows that, instead of the approving 36 states required for and certified by Know, there were only two — two — state ratifications that were constitutionally and legally valid (if the minor defects of spelling, capitalization, and punctualization are ignored).

As the evidence is examined, it becomes clear that Knox knew, or should have known, that he was certifying many invalid ratifications as genuine ratificaitons. The prima facie case for intentional fraud in Knox's certification is overwhelming. See especially, the synopsis of William Benson's research on the We the People web site; William Benson's own site, The Law That Never Was; and the expanded Benson research — with defects chart — on Political Resources

To point the viewer at a recent piece of 16th Amendment evidence, Russo quotes US District Judge James C. Fox in a 2003 ruling: "If you … examined [the 16th Amendment] carefully, you would find that a sufficient number of states never ratified that amendment".

Judge Fox's quoted statement can be found on page 23 of the ruling's 26 pages. The ruling was in Sullivan v. U.S., 03-CV-39, US District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina, Wilmington, 21 March 2003. (Most readers will find the entire ruling riveting. Colonel Sullivan had asked for the court's injunction against the US invasion of Iraq, arguing in depth that the president does not have the constitutional power to declare war, that only the Congress has that power, and that it was unconstitutional for Congress to delegate that power to the president. The hearing was held one day after the invasion formally began.)

There is nothing about Judge Fox's ruling that is out-of-context with the case that Russo is making against government and private corporation unconstitutionalities.

Judge Fox used the invalid ratification of the 16th Amendment as an example to argue that some parts of the Constitution are in there because of long-term usage, despite those parts' being properly unconstitutional. Judge Fox comments that no federal court will throw out the 16th Amendment, no matter what evidence of its improper ratification is brought, precisely because of its long-term use.

It is exactly that federal bench motiff — that nothing be done about past unconstitutionalities — that Russo rightfully attacks throughout his film.

David Cay Johnston of the NY Times provides a pro-elites review of "Freedom to Fascism". Under a mile-high headline that says, "Facts Refute Filmaker's Assertions on Income Tax in America", Johnston asserts that "every court that has ever ruled on those issues has upheld the constitutionality of the income tax".

Whoa. Russo's commentators provide eight SCOTUS decisions that squash the constitutionality of the income tax. Those SCOTUS decisions ruled that the 16th Amendment gave no new power of taxation, and did not alter the restrictions on taxation given in the Constitution. Equals unconstitutional income tax every time.

In fact, as the constitutionality argument unpacks, Russo documents that nobody in the IRS, from top to bottom, is willing to go on-camera to discuss the issue. He gets a former IRS Commissioner (Sheldon Cohen) on camera only to have him assert that SCOTUS rulings are "inapplicable" to the tax code. And he shows that lower federal courts continually bar SCOTUS decisions from being brought as evidence.

For example, US District Judge Dawson (presiding over his railroaded conviction of author Irwin Schiff) is quoted as saying, "I will not allow the law in my court room". He rejects SCOTUS rulings as "irrelevant". And he tells the jury, "You must follow the law as I give it to you". Schiff was convicted on Dawson's enforcement of jury ignorance.

Russo's material shows conclusively that no recent or lower court that has ever ruled on the constitutionality of the income tax is to be trusted. The juries that get the text of the law safely acquit the defendant. The judges are pro-elites mouthpieces who force convictions whenever they can. They are not about to rule against the cash cow that has financed the corruption machines since 1913.

And then NY Times towering giant Johnston writes: "… Mr. Russo says in the film that the 16th Amendment was never properly ratified and thus a tax on wages is unconstitutional. This claim has been made in various forms by thousands of tax protesters since 1913, and so far their batting average with the courts is .000."

Pretty twisted stuff. The issue bearing on guilty/not-guilty is not the use by thousands of 16th Amendment unconstitutionality. The issue bearing on guilty/not-guilty is whether there is a law requiring US citizens to file an income tax return. "Show me the law", defendant Harrell says in open court, and he will gladly pay his tax. "Show me the law" is the centerpiece throughout the film's IRS seqment. IRS officials and judges go dark. No lights on. Nobody home.

Russo asks Harrell-case juror Marcy Brooks why officials don't just show the law. Ms Brooks replies, "Because there is no law."

Russo wades through the recent juries' not-guilty verdicts for Whitey Harrell, Vernice Kuglin, Franklin Sanders (along with his twenty-three co-defendants) and former-IRS-agent-gone-truth-rogue Joe Banister. Against that back-drop of acquitals, he shows a recent video clip of former IRS Commissioner Charles Rossotti saying: "When the matter is put to the test, which means in terms of court and enforcement action, there is a hundred percent success rate in shooting down these arguments".

NYT Johnston's zero batting average for tax protestors and IRS Rossotti's hundred percent success rate in shooting down anti-income-tax arguments have a suspicious similarity. But neither have a factual basis.

David Cay Johnston's pseudo-facts crash and burn against his mile-high headline.

With this film, the IRS hierarchy, the Federal Reserve and their international central banking cabal, the Congress, and the predator elites' secret societies have already lost. However, given their nine-plus decades of arrogant, anti-Constitution winning, only a wall-slamming, smash-mouth American politics will convince them of their loss. Murderers do not stop murdering until they are stopped. And make no mistake, those people are psychopathic murderers anytime it means secret profits.

Ethically normal Americans, who will like the Russo film, will suddenly understand the culture of corruption in which Bush is immersed as he shouts that the Constitution is just a goddamned piece of paper. Insider Bush, Empire prince of the blood, secret society predator from frat-boy "Skull and Bones" to king of the world in the boss-of-bosses secret society, the "Bilderberg Group", would see the Constitution from the corruption culture's point of view. From that point of view, the Constitution is just a godddamned piece of paper.

The corruption culture's point of view is alien to ethically normal Americans — until they see the Russo film. Then the corruption culture's point of view crashes home.

For US elected officials who pretend that there is anything about our national fascist despotism that is politics-as-usual until the IRS and Federal Reserve racketeering frauds are repealed, watch your six. Something's going to be gaining on you. There is a new smash-mouth American politics coming. (See especially the "Unity America" action plan in "Open Letter to Susan—Making Bush-Cheney Null & Void")

The specter of a Constitution-regaining, bloody revolution/civil-war is looming larger and closer.

by Stephen Neitzke [send him email], who is the founder of the Direct Democracy League. He is the author of "The State of the Republic, 1776-2004" as well as a number of other works, which can be found at and on his blog at Stephen is a Populist Party featured columnist.


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