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Former cop pleads guilty to child molestation

Former Shrewsbury police officer Korey M. Kranefuss pleaded guilty this morning of molesting a nine-year-old boy at his house in Shrewsbury between Dec. 1, 2004, and Feb. 21, 2005.
Kranefuss pleaded guilty of one count of child molestation before St. Louis County Circuit Judge Steven H. Goldman, who set sentencing for March 2.

Before his arrest in March 2005, Kranefuss had been a police officer for about four years, Shrewsbury Police Chief Jeff Keller said today. Asked if Kranefuss resigned or was fired after his arrest, Keller said he could not discuss Kranefuss' separation from the department because ``it is a personnel matter.''


Re: Former cop pleads guilty to child molestation

Yep. That's him. Dude used to come rushing into Big Lots whenever he heard little boy's pants were half off.

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