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WANTED! Missouri cyber-governess/governor

The Million Campaign Homepage Foundation is looking for a cyber-governess/governor to orchestrate a not-for-profit Missouri cybermosaic.

The MCH is a 1,000,000 pixel cybermosaic. We are giving away all the pixels to groups and individuals who are furthering social and environmental harmony inside and from the UK.

Our plan is for a worldwide network of Million Campaign Homepages, and we need cyber-governors and cyber-governesses.

We have a gentleman called Alex Ramon, who runs Alternative Energy and Peak Oil websites, who is now the cyber-governor for Canada -

For the USA, we plan one 1,000,000 pixel cybermosaic for each state.

We have just signed up a lady who runs a Hemp for Fuel organisation to run the Nevada MCH. She will begin work on that after February this year.

We are looking for an individual or a crew to run the Missouri MCH.

You would have 1,000,000 pixels at your disposal. The only rule is that the pixels must be given away free, and must be for organisations and individuals working inside and from Missouri to further social and environmental service rather than private profit.

In the long-term the plan is for each MCH to run as autonomously as possible. We want each one to look and feel entirely unique, based on the vision of the cyber-governor involved and the location in which they are operating.

In the long-term, the cyber-governor is free to organise ethical donations and funding to run their sites. We want each site to become self-supporting.

Initially there is an $80 cost if we organise the webspace ( for two years - you are also free to organise the webspace yourself if you like. Beyond that, there are no monetary costs involved at all.

Working on the UK site over the past six months has been a lot of hard work but very, very rewarding - and has opened up all sorts of doors and opportunities.

There are full details on running a US MCH at:

If you are interested, please email mchusa (at)

In solidarity and peace,

Matthew Edwards

millioncampaign (at) (UK)
mchcanada (at) (CANADA)
mchusa (at) (USA)

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