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CAPCR: Town Hall Mtgs on Police Shootings

The St. Louis Police have shot another young man. Citizens investigating the case have declared it murder. They say witnesses dispute the police account that Jeremy Robinson drew a gun and was shot in "self defense". These witnesses say that Jeremy was on the ground, hands flat, when the officer shot him in the back. This officer then turned him over and shot him again. They believe they saw him drop a gun next to the body to justify his actions.
This happened the same day that Chief Mokwa([search]) announced the creation of a new tactical unit which had his personal OK to "take the gloves off" and "take back the streets" by targeting certain neighborhoods.

We can see the results of such an irresponsible policy in the death of Jeremy.

Irene J. Smith and Alderman([search]) Quincy Troupe have taken the lead on this case. They will be discussing further action at the weekly meeting of the International Institute this Saturday at 9 am. The address is 1020 N. Taylor.

They are also calling for a Town Hall meeting on MLK Day. This meeting will be at noon at the Better Family Life building (West End Community Center), 724 Union.

Please attend one or both of these events.

Coalition Against Police Crimes and Repression (CAPCR([search])) can be reached at capcr_cob (at)


Re: CAPCR: Town Hall Mtgs on Police Shootings

whos fingerprints were on the cartriges in the gun? will the police ever admit?

Another suspicious death

Police arrest suspect, he dies in handcuffs
10:28 PM CST on Thursday, January 11, 2007

(KMOV) -- Police say a suspect who was in handcuffs is now dead.

Police tell us that the suspect apparently started kicking in doors in the 4900 block of Thekla in north St. Louis.

At one home, police say he slashed the occupant, causing minor injuries, then headed to another home.

Police showed up, and once they wrestled him to the ground, they say he slammed his head on the pavement, and later died.

News 4 is following the investigation.

We will have more information as it becomes available.

Re: Another suspicious death

The death isn't the only thing suspicious. Sounds like our late suspect was preying on poor black people in a neighborhood the police don't patrol often. As a northsider, I shed no tears over his death.

Re: Re: Another suspicious death

His family betrayed him this was a good guy and whether or no the police patrols that area it doesn't matter sounds to me like the police need to do their job. Those people were family that he was argueing with.

Re: Another suspicious death

I knew this guy personally he was a really really good childhood friend of mine and this doesn't sound like someone of his character to kill himself by banging his head on the pavement.

Re: CAPCR: Town Hall Mtgs on Police Shootings

I heard that Irene Smith plans on urinating into a trashcan in protest.

Re: CAPCR: Town Hall Mtgs on Police Shootings

that thing was just one whole big advertisement for the fucking 'Nation of Islam'. It wasn't a particpatory 'town hall meeting' at all.

Re: CAPCR: Town Hall Mtgs on Police Shootings

as long as the man or woman was black they dont give a shit I think we as a people should gather together to inforce that the police or the das that harm others should be held to answer for their crimes they commit on others and no longer be able to get away with it this is wrong to say they are above the laws the same ones they hold us accountable for if they are found to be wrong by the people not just white people but all colors of people should be allowed to determen the out comes because they have harmed way to many people of color and have not been held accountable for they conduct look so many black man have been in prisons for years because of them and later found not guilty

Re: CAPCR: Town Hall Mtgs on Police Shootings

you know they always try and make the guy or gal look real bad like that gave them the right to kill them or inprison they this is wrong conduct and we as a people should be out their rallying against this kind of behavior by them and the media thier all in it together then they have juries and say they are of or peers you tell me how and the hell ca a white man who is 50 be my peer if I am a black man in his teens he is not my peer nor white woman she or he could not be ever

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