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STL Public Schools Top Mayor's Person-of-Year Poll

Found on The Potato:

When The Potato checked out the latest poll on Mayor Franny’s website we were interested to find out that he was looking for the the St. Louis Person/Group/Imaginaries of the year. The usual candidates were on the list…the falsehoods of population growth, Chief Mokwa and the most dangerous city in America, the Danforth boys, and the odd couple, Amy and Amrit Gill.

Did The Potato think any of them deserved people of the year? Let’s just say it is a pretty sad year if any of them on the list received the honor.
But as The Potato continued perusing the list what was of interest was that the St. Louis School Board/St. Louis Public Schools was one of the choices. Just last month ol’ Franny boy was pleading for a state take-over. However, now that it has become the popular democratic platform to call for public input, the Mayor has backed off and has even added the school board to its list for possible persons of the year.

The Potato, laughing at the irony of the situation ,did the only thinkable thing and voted numerous times for the School Board/Public Schools as St. Louis Persons of the Year. So much so that now guess who is in the lead….that’s right the School Board/Public Schools is in first place.

Let’s see how Mayor Franny handles this post….”Thank you to all of the voters….It looks like the hard work of Veronica O’Brien is finally being recognized by the residents of St. Louis.”

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