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Nuisance Opportunity in Old North City

From Ecology of Absence blog: Oh, what a fine evening it was for seven young men to congregate on the steps of the house at 1215 Wright Street in Old North St. Louis. No finer point for commerce could be found within blocks, and business seemed to be as good there as it usually is.
Why do the neighbors consider such activity a nuisance? After all, the building's owners, Blairmont([search]) Associates, don't seem to mind. No one in city government is telling them what to do with the property, even though it has been a haven of drug dealing for months. No alderman([search]) has the building on a problem property list, so how could it be a problem?

Activities of the "mysterious" building owner Blairmont Associates, LLC, are being tracked by Ecology of Absence and Arch City Chronicle.


How is this news?

People standing around on a street is news?

Re: How is this news?

The article is heavily sarcastic, which obscurs its gist. You have 2 interpretations to choose from.

1. Blairmont([search]) Properties, LLC, has shown admirable determination to keep North City exactly as it is. It tends to purchase property and then sit on them, allowing all manner of homegrown entreneurship to blossom within those decaying walls. So if you have to sling drugs somewhere, Blairmont houses are the place to do it.

2. Blairmont Properties, LLC, is acquiring lots of land in North City, presumably to squat on them until a future time comes when they can sell back for a profit. In the meantime, they appear to determined to let to those houses rot away, to the general detriment of residents still living nearby.

Re: How is this news?

People with guns dealing drugs and making life hell for poor people living in a neighborhood is news.

Re: Nuisance Opportunity in Old North City

is this where i go to buy some crack?

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