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Galen Gondolfi running for 20th ward against Schmid

From ACC Blog: Gondolfi Declares Candidacy for 20th Ward Alderman
Campaign trumpets "participatory politics"

Community activist Galen Gondolfi is entering the race for alderman of the 20th Ward. Filing Monday at the St. Louis Board of Elections, Gondolfi made official his intention of seeking the post in the March 6, 2007 primary election.
Gondolfi's platform prioritizes affordable housing preservation, small business development and resident participation as critical issues facing the ward. As former president of the Benton Park West Neighborhood Association, Gondolfi([search]) is a seasoned community activist with an emphasis on "participatory politics." A Senior Loan Counselor with the local non-profit Justine Petersen Housing and Reinvestment Corporation, Gondolfi links first-time home owners and small business people with local, state and federal resources.

"The ward's greatest assets are its residents," declares Gondolfi. "We need an alderperson who not only listens to our residents, but acts on their behalf."

Gondolfi's campaign committee is co-chaired by Glenn Burleigh and Lizzie Kucharski, with Amber Dover serving as treasurer. The 20th Ward includes, in part, the neighborhoods of Gravois Park, Dutchtown, Marine Villa and Benton Park West.

Galen Gondolfi helps run the (now-defunct) Radio Cherokee([search]) club, and the Fort Gondo Compound for the Arts, both of which are on Cherokee St., a stone's throw from CAMP([search]).

Selected responses to original post:

Steve Smith will likely be one donor.

Do you think the election of 20th ward alderman([search]) will turn on the issue of expanding drinking establishments on Cherokee?

Surely that's not the number one issue on the minds of ward residents, is it?

What is going on in St. Louis? Could the result of the increase in candidates challenging incumbents for elected office, mean that St. Louisans are putting aside their apathy and getting involved in their community? This upcoming election sure will make for some excitement.


He would

I knew he had a little beaurecrat inside of him.

Re: Galen Gondolfi running for 20th ward against Schmid

And Galen now has a campaign website.

Re: Galen Gondolfi running for 20th ward against Schmid

Excellent. Now if we could get some good people to run as Greens...and I don't mean homophobes like their last mayoral candidate...

Re: Galen Gondolfi running for 20th ward against Schmid

is that ol commie glen i see posted on galen's site?

Why is this a featured article?

Indymedia is becoming more and more free advertisement space for politicians.

Re: Why is this a featured article?

I originally forwarded this release because of its relevance to ward that houses CAMP([search]), the sponsoring organization for STLIMC. In particular, Galen's opponent Craig Schmid has gone to remarkable lengths to try to get CAMP shut down, meaning the probable demise of STLIMC too. This story was submitted to the editorial collective, and it received enough votes to become a feature story.

I know Galen personally; I'm well acquainted with his enterprises in the 20th ward, and I've personally seen the direct positive benefits of those activities. I also believe he would be supportive of the grassroots community activism CAMP wishes to do, including the IMC. Sure he's seeking political office, but I wouldn't (yet) call him a politician dismissively.

Nevertheless, I also agree that this particular corner of indymedia would do well with more involved participation from its readers, rather than its current trend of reposting external content. If you don't like what you see here, by all means please visit the listserves at imc-stlouis-editorial(at) and imc-stlouis(at) to express your concerns. Or even better, offer to join the editorial collective, submit your stories, vote on others. Participatory media is more effective when it has wide participation.

Re: Re: Why is this a featured article?

I'm assuming then, since you're so well aquainted with Galen, that you're familiar with the three dogs he keeps chained in his backyard on concrete without shelter in the freezing cold and without water in the sweltering hot. Your thoughts?
Reply: Re: Re: Re: Why is this a featured article? / 08 Dec 2006
Reply: Re: Re: Re: Why is this a featured article? / 09 Dec 2006
Reply: Re: Re: Re: Why is this a featured article? / 14 Dec 2006
Reply: Where does this fucker live? / 16 Dec 2006

I saw a copy of his flyer, today

and doesn't he have anything better to do than run down children...jesus.

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