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This is the answer to extreme blockage of my last article.
My "Reign of Terror and the Heart of Israel([search])" article was blocked, stolen, or deleted by hackers at most of the fifty-plus sites where I posted it, especially in the U.S.. Since it is legal to repost indymedia articles anywhere, the solution is for faithful followers, preferably other aliens, to repost this article to help gather these hackers who are most likely followers of the lawless Jacob, that is, the last Israelites left in the land.

A good copy of this article can be obtained by Googling the title. Copy the article, paste it in the comment window, copy it again, and then paste it in the publishing window of the site you wish to post it on. Once you hit the "Publish" button, move to a different window and refresh the article and reload it to the front page before you return to the publishing window to do the same. A secure computer is necessary in order to succeed at publishing, for there are many hackers using restricted access codes throughout the country. If a site has this article, and you are blocked from accessing it on newswire, that is a good reason to repost it. Access to this article has been blocked throughout most of North and South America; thus this blockage must be overcome so that from the West we may proclaim the Lord's majesty. Access to Ithaca, North Carolina, Idaho, Tallahassee, and Tampa Bay has been prevented totally. Prove to the interlopers that this Kingdom does not get shook about such things. Good luck and God bless. Robert Meade Israel Deaf Messenger

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An inglorious peace is better than a dishonorable war.
-- Mark Twain
Source: "Glances at History" (suppressed)

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