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Venezuela Emergency Response Network Meeting

Community Meeting in Solidarity with Venezuela and Against US Intervention
Help build the Emergency Response Network in St. Louis!

Join us on November 1st at 5:45 pm in the upstairs meeting room at the Carpenter Branch Library (3309 S. Grand Blvd.) in formulating a local Emergency Response Plan in the event of a critical intervention by the US against Venezuela. The goal of this meeting will be to form a local plan of action, and to choose a representative to help consolidate these plans into a National Emergency Response Plan. Anyone who wants to build solidarity with Venezuela or to learn more is encouraged to attend!

Elections in Venezuela are scheduled for December 3. The United States government has already sponsored an unsuccessful coup against the elected government in Venezuela, and the Bush administration is actively stepping up its inflammatory rhetoric against Venezuelan democracy. Venezuela is a beacon of hope in today's world against imperialism. We must be prepared to resist US
intervention there, and to defend this light of hope in these desperate times.

This meeting is being called in response to the Call To Action issued by the Venezuela Solidarity Network.

For more information on the Emergency Response Network, go to:

Sponsored by Hands Off Venezuela. If your organization would like to sponsor or endorse this meeting, please contact:
sl (at)

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