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CAPCR: Support Local Control of Police 10/22

October 22: Focus on Local Control
4-6 pm
Rowan Community Center, 1401 Rowan

The Coalition Against Police Crimes and Repression invites you, our friends and allies, to a meeting focusing on the need for local control of the St. Louis Police Department. The Coalition will be kicking off its campaign for local control and wants your input and support.

Local control is long overdue. St. Louis and Kansas City are the only two cities in the country which do not control their own police departments. The result is that we have a Police Board and Police Chief who are not responsive to the needs of citizens. Since they are accountable to the governor, they seem to feel little need to respond to local issues. For example, the Police Board has recently made two rulings granting police and civilian employees the right to live outside the city, despite a city referendum showing that a large majority favored residency. Similarly, the Police Board has passed a weak and ineffectual Civilian Review Board shortly after the Kennedy Bill for effective oversight was passed by the Board of Aldermen. The Police Board’s support of the Mayor’s veto evidenced a disregard for the will of the people.

Why should the citizens of St. Louis put one-third of their budget toward police, without having a direct say in governing the Department?

We want to hear from you as we settle on legislation granting local control. We want to present this legislation in Jefferson City, and get it passed, during the upcoming legislative session.

Come to our meeting Sunday, October 22. We will be gathering at the Rowan Community Center, 1401 Rowan. The meeting will be from 4-6 pm.

As you may know, October 22 is the day of national protest against police brutality. We have participated in this national activity for the past six years. Many of you have come to our marches in the past. We think that there is no better way to commemorate October 22 this year than to focus our efforts on a campaign to give citizens the power to govern those who have power of life and death over them.

Please RSVP to capcr_cob(AT)



Re: CAPCR: Support Local Control of Police 10/22

as i recall, 2003 was the best of those 6 years.

Re: CAPCR: Support Local Control of Police 10/22

Be careful what you ask for. As flawed as state control of SLMPD might be, city control would be a unmitigated disaster. I realize most of you all have a "committee fetish" and that might be cool for Trustafarians on Cherokee([search]), but it really isn't the way the PD in this city needs to be run.

We have twenty-eight alderpersons in this city, the same number we had at our peak population of 850,000 back in the 50s. Most of those alderpersons are bureaucratic hacks, enriching themselves on the public tit. They already wield immense power. A petty alderperson, perhaps smarting from your refusal to kick into her campaign can sick all manner of "inspectors" on you and make your life miserable. Do you really want them to have the power to sick the police on you, as well?

Newsflash for all you Trustafarian Anarchists: The criminals already rule the streets of St. Louis and act out your proletarian revolt fantasies with relative immunity. Sinclarian-revolutionary dreams of Dope, Guns and Fucking in the Streets are already a reality. You should be digging that, not organizing for more bureaucratization. How counter-revolutionary!

Re: CAPCR: Support Local Control of Police 10/22

Fine, just down push the political careers of idiot black Democrats like Terry Kennedy and Yaphett El-Amin at me if I attend. I'm sick of those phony radicals trying to steal the movement for reform.

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