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Documentary on Indymedia Argentina to Screen at CAMP

The documentary "i" will screen at the Community Arts & Media Project in St. Louis on Friday October 13. The film is the first full-length picture produced on the global indymedia network. A discussion with co-director Raphael Lyon will follow. See below for screening details. [ithefilm website]

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IMC meeting at a roadblock
"i" is a feature-length documentary about grassroots media coverage of the December 2001 economic collapse and political uprising in Argentina. It follows the first year of a news collective in Buenos Aires as it struggles to make sense of assassinations, a collapsing economy, and a whirlwind social movement. Along the way it tells the story of the global Indymedia network, the world's largest collaboration of of volunteer, freelance and unaffiliated media makers.

According to author Naomi Klein, "i" "positively vibrates with the energy and creativity of the movement it documents. Beautiful, intellectual, riotous, it fits in no box (and no blurb) — just see it!"

Friday's screening is at 3022 Cherokee([search]) Ave, in the back yard, and begins at 8pm. A sliding scale donation of $3-8 is suggested. See ithefilm/schedule for more tour dates.

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