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Showing of 'Venezuela Bolivariana' Sunday May 22nd

Free Showing of the film 'Venezuela Bolivariana'
Sunday, May 22nd, 3-5pm.
University City Public Library, Meeting Room #1.
6701 Delmar.
Hosted by the Hands Off Venezuela Campaign.
Venezuela Bolivarian is a dynamic documentary of the revolutionary process unfolding in Venezuela today, offering a 'live and in living color' first-person view.

This free showing of the film is part of an informational meeting where we'll be discussing the revolutionary Bolivarian Movement and the effects of the newest reforms within Venezuela and the lightning-rod effect they are having throughout Latin America and the World.

We will also discuss the work of the international Hands Off Venezuela campaign, which was created to build solidarity and spread information and awareness of the Bolivarian Revolution.

So if you'd like to learn more about a revolution taking place just on the other side of the Carribbean and what we all can do to help, save the date and come to the meeting!

You can join the StL area HOV mailing list by sending an email to: sl (at)

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