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The first photo is the dismantling of a razorwire barrier outside al-Khadr; the 2nd and 3rd are of a Nablus incursion. Yes, the IOF moves cars atop buildings when they're in the way.
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Sept 1, 2006
Today we removed part of the Al-Khadr prison wall.

We joined the Palestinians of Al-Khadr village in a demonstration against the illegal annexation wall. This village is struggling. Israel([search]) is trying to cut off all Palestinian access to Route 60, the only highway leading from Jenin (top of WB) to Hebron (Bottom of WB). In the end it is to be a road on which only Israeli settlers and military can travel. Almost every road joining Rout 60 is now blocked by Israeli made road blocks...piles of dirt, debris and huge cement blocks. The village roads that are not yet blocked are watched from sniper towers and checkpoints. Al-Khadr citizens are imprisoned in this village because of these road blocks. In addition to this, Israel is building the wall along this part of route 60 to ensure no one from Al-Khadr village can find a way around these barriers. If someone from this village wishes to travel north, they must exit from the back of the village and add several hours to the nearly impossible journey. Even if they reach route 60, they face denial of passage at the checkpoints.

The construction of this wall began a few days ago. Until the construction is finished, Israel is blocking access to the road with large rings of razor wire. We were asked by the committee of Al-Khadr to come and join a few Palestinians in pushing this wire off the nearby hill. We came prepared with thick gloves and clothes. We approached the wire and immediately began to remove the stakes holding it in place. A demonstration was simultaneously taking place just down the road in attempt to distract nearby soldiers. However, the wire sat just across from a military outpost, so we had to move quickly. We pulled and pushed, working together to remove 150 meters of razor wire before being targeted by Israeli military and Shabak (Israeli intelligence). They called to us and knelt to shoot, but we were quickly out of sight and into the village.

At this time the razor wire is down and the citizens of Al-Khadr can climb down the hill and jump into an oncoming Taxi.

We will be continuing these demonstrations every Friday.

Friday, September 8, 2006
A report released on August 26th said that 202 people had died in Palestine([search]) since June 28th. 44 of these people were children.
I saw the report on August 28th.
My first thought was of those killed since the report was released. One man shot dead in the streets of Ramallah as special forces poured out of a van just behind us and made their operation. 2 young men assassinated in Balata Refugee Camp([search]) the next morning. 4 members of one family in Gaza([search]) killed in the afternoon. They shot a 64year old man in Jenin.
Add 8, that makes 210. I felt a little sick at the thought of me adding up bodies like this. This is how I was raised though. Never to see anything, just to hear the numbers. 210, 410, 610.... honestly, would we react any differently? Is there a number that we would hear that would make us scream out "enough is enough!" Is there a number that would make us do something about it?
Im here now. And they arent just numbers anymore. When I saw 210 in my mind, I felt the pain of 210 families. I saw mothers crying and sisters crying, the way my mom and I cried together when my brother died. I saw children crying for the mothers and fathers they would struggle to remember. I saw a mass grave with 44 little stretchers holding 44 little bodies while their family and friends placed them under the dirt one by one. And the bodies arent prepared nicely by Kutis funeral home. Their bodies are distorted, riddled with bullet holes or shrapnel, maybe missing limbs... People will remember how they looked this way. Most even remembering the incident, having watched, having ran, having drug the body away in desperation to help. People will remember that it wasnt an accident, that someone did this to them, that someone committed this crime against everyone by stealing this life. They wont forget. They will watch this jeep roll in, and the next and the next without accountability, without anyone coming to defend them and without ever seeing justice.
I read this as I watched BBC news. 40 people died in Iraq on this day...yet the same war monger still controls our country, and people are still regurgitating the same ignorant democracy and terrorist rhetoric.
When do we get to the part where we do something?

Its Sept 8th now. The Israeli Occupation Forces carried out an incursion in Nablus last week. 22 homes were demolished. 5 houses and 17 apartments while another 6 homes were made unlivable due to structural damage. The IOF claimed they were looking for "wanteds." These supposed wanteds were said to be hiding in a particular house in Nablus and the army came early in the morning to began evacuating the houses. The family inside the target house pleaded with the soldiers to be used as human shields, and to walk through the house to look for these wanteds so that any demolition or operation could be avoided. The army denied this request. Instead the carried on with their operation for over 16 hours. They used 8 cars to barricade the street. They occupied a school and several houses to set up snipers. The IOF detained over 10 men to use as human shields. Some were used to accompany soldiers down the street. Others were made to sit on a curb as the IOF hid behind them and shot over their heads for three hours because they wanted to be able to shoot at people and into houses without Palestinians being able to fire back. 6 men were made to block the windows where snipers stood as the snipers shot from behind them. Some of the men used as human shields are: Shadi, age 23, Majdi, age 35, Tamer, age 19, Rami, age 17, Mohammad, age 21 and Walid, age 64. Israel's supreme court has banned the use of Palestinian human shields in arrest raids, saying the practice violates international law.

During the incursion the IOF shot at least 22 people and arrested 2 men (not the wanted men). Here is a list of some of the injuries.
Issam Fathi Joma'a, 27 years old, with shrapnel in his right shoulder.
Ammar Nizar Saed, 16 years old, shot in the hand.
Jaber Naser Abd-Alrahman, 16 years old, shrapnel in an unknown location.
Ayman Abed Al-kareem Al-Khayat, 17 years old, shot in left leg.
Rani Mohammad Al-akhbar, 18 years old, shot in the leg.
Mahdi Atif Shrooti, 13 years old, shot in the hip.
Abed Al-latif Tahseen Agha, 9 years old, with shrapnel in the neck.
Abed Al-aziz Khalel Jebril, 18 years old, shot with a rubber bullet in the right hand.
Fathi Mohammad, 80 years old, shot in the right leg.
Ramadan Husam Al-ajori, 13 years old, shot in the right leg.
Fadi Ahmad, 18 years old, show with a rubber bullet in the head.
Ahamd Zayad Solayman, 15 years old, shot in the back.

Sulaiman Muhammad Ukah, 15 from Askar refugee camp, was shot in the back and killed.
After shooting live ammunition and explosive grenades into the target home, the IOF began their retreat. Before they left, they lifted the 8 cars from the baracade and dropped them on a nearby house. In the end, 22 homes had been destroyed because they were in the way of the wanted house. About 100 people were made homeless by the Israeli military's actions and are now evacuated to friends' homes in surrounding neighborhoods, or forced to rent apartments around Nablus. Engineers estimate the cost in reparations to be over $550,000.
The issue of home demolitions has been discussed at length by the Israeli High Court of Justice in many cases, including Janimat V. IDF Military Commander 1997. In the discussion of this case, published by the Israeli Supreme Court in "Judgments of the Israeli Supreme Court: Fighting Terrorism within in Law", the Justices argue, "home demolitions are allowed only in light of especially serious terrorist activities, such as involvement in suicide bombings aimed at civilians… The demolitions are subject to legal principals, such as the principle of proportionality. For example, the measure may only be used if it is possible to limit it to the terrorist's home, without demolishing adjacent dwellings. (60)" In addition, the President of the Court, A. Barak states, "[Demolitions are] implemented in stages and with care in order to prevent damage to the rest of the building. If damage is caused, it will be repaired. (62)" In the case of this incursion, the homes were demolished while searching for suspects, not "in light of especially serious terrorist activities." In addition, 22 homes were demolished in their attempt to arrest, clearly violating the "principal of proportionality." According to President Barak, the homes' of the residents will be repaired, though follow through on this is unlikely.

Nizar Lubbadeh, one of the wanted men, gave himself up after the operation. He was released shortly after questioning.

Since then, the region has not been silent. 12 year old Hakim was shot in the back by an Israeli settler (about 40yrs old) while playing in a field near his home. He and his 2 friends saw 3 Israeli settlers approaching them and began to run back to the village. Hakim tripped and was shot in the lower back as he tried to get up. The bullet exited through his upper groin area. His two friends, 8 & 9yrs, carried him home. Last I heard he was still in serious condition.

3 men have been assassinated. 2 in Balata, 1 in the Old city of Nablus. The 2 in Balata, Hani and Ibraheim, were killed after exchanging gunfire with soldiers trying to enter the camp. Being outnumbered and with only 2 M-16s, they tried to escape through a building and up to the roof. As they appeared on the roof they were met with gunfire and rockets from an Israeli helicopter who had come for an operation. The man from the Old City, Fadi, was assassinated when a sniper shot him from the window of an occupied house. His friend drug his body down an alley to safety, but he was already dead. The man had a child, a wife and a baby on the way. Soldiers used to come to the house looking for the man. They would bring sweets for the 5 year old girl and ask, "Where is your daddy?" When Fadi came home the little girl would rush to tell her father that the soldiers had come, but that she didnt tell them where he was. The 5 year old girl was savy enough to protect her own father's life.

Balata was invaded 2 nights ago. The army came in with cranes and bulldozers. This time they were not looking for wanteds. They simply tore the awnings off of shops, ripped signs and light posts from the ground, crushed the wall of one shop and tore down a grape courtyard before they left.

Today was quiet. When I went out for breakfast I found the streets were all lined with the new Martyr posters. You cant escape it. While politicians and scholars are sitting around talking peace treaty this and cease fire that, people here are living as prisoners surrounded by dead people.

Allah Yirhama,

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Re: updates from Anna in the West Bank

The "palestinian" peace movement routinely boobytraps cars.
The ISM are terrorist enablers. It's a palestinian organization designed to offer logistical support to terrorists with a "peace" activist Western face. Clever but transparent.

Re: Re: updates from Anna in the West Bank

Care to provide any evidence for this wild assertion?

Interesting Statistics the ISM doesn't want YOU to know
Number of Arabs killed in the framework of Israeli-Arab conflicts since the creation of Israel([search]) (including in the 1948 war for Israel’s independence, all the wars fought between Israel and its neighbors, and the occupation of Palestinians): 60,000.

Number of Algerian Muslims killed by the French in the 1950’s Algerian war for Independence: Between 500,000 to 1 million.

Number of Muslims killed by other Muslims in the 1990’s Algerian civil war: 100,000.

Number of people, including some Muslims, killed by Muslims in Sudan between 1955 and today: 2.6 million- 3 million.

Number of Muslims killed by the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980’s: at least 1 million

Number of Muslims killed by other Muslims in the Afghan civil war of the 1980’s-90’s: 1 million

Number of Muslims killed by the Americans in efforts to overthrow the Taliban: less than 10,000.

Number of Muslims killed by other Muslims since 1977 in Somalia’s civil war: Between 400,000- 550,000.

Number of Muslims in Bangladesh killed by other Muslims from Pakistan since 1977: 1.4 million-2 million

Number of Muslims killed by other Muslims in Indonesia since 1965: at least 400,000.

Number of Muslims in East Timor killed between 1975-1999 by Muslims from Indonesia: 100,000 - 200,000

Number of Muslims killed in Iraq by other Muslims (mostly those in the regime of Saddam Hussein): 1.54 million- 2 million

Number of Iranian Muslims killed in their war with Iraq: 450,000 - 970,000

Number of Lebanese killed by Israelis between 1975-1990: up to 18,000 (this number is included in the first statistic given several lines up, about Arab deaths at Israel’s hands)

Number of Lebanese killed by other Lebanese or by Syrians between 1975-1990: at least 112,000.

Number of Yemenites, Egyptians, and Saudis killed in the Yemen civil war of 1962, and in the Yemen riots of 1984-1986: 100,000 - 150,000

Number of Chechen Muslims killed by the Russians since 1992: 80,000- 300,000

Number of Arabs and Muslims killed in Jordan (includes at least a few thousand Palestinians), Chad, Yugoslavia, Tajikistan, Syria, Iran, Turkey, and Zanzibar in the course of smaller conflicts in the 1970’s, 80’s, and 90’s: at least 150,000.

Re: Re: updates from Anna in the West Bank

The two Pakistani Peace Activists from the UK spent time with the ISM as honored guests, then they went into Israel([search]) and blew up Mike's Place

Re: updates from Anna in the West Bank

If you enlarge the first phot, you will notice that one of the figures has his faced photoshopped out.
This fellow it the Arab puppet master, ordering the White folks and telling them what to do.
Useful idiots.

Re: updates from Anna in the West Bank

Number of Arabs displaced in 1948 when Israel([search]) was created: 400,000.

Number of Jews forced to leave their homes between 1948 and 1953, from Arab states and Iran:

I don't want to hear another fucking word about "the right of return".

There is no such right. It wasn't your country then and it isn't now. Arabs were citizens of the British Mandate and the Ottoman Empire before that. There is and never has been a state of "Palestine([search])".

Re: updates from Anna in the West Bank

What, like Palestinians never having an independant "state" give Zionists a birthright of murderous theft of Palestinian lands??? How do you figure that??? Or are you just trying to marginalize the palestinian's basic human right NOT to be destroyed by Zionist crusaders???

Well, if Hebrews slaughtering or enslaving the locals 3000 years ago ALSO gives ZIonists a birthright of murderous theft of the land, then lets hear why you think that. Otherwise, your attempt to make Palestinians some sort of unntermensch to the Zionist ubbermensch seems a little bit flacid, even to the most brainwashed.

And it has been shown in many a forum that it was ZIonists who were threatening Jews to leave Muslim lands and join with the ZIonist crusade. Not that what happens hundreds, even thousands of miles away from Palestine([search]) makes the ZIonist's actions any less of an offense. Ohhh, in 1947, your American grandfather voted to keep American jews out of the country club golf course.

Please, express yourself. But understand, I am a master baiter.

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