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Kids buy lunches with scans of fingers

Students go from punching in a pin code to getting their fingers scanned. What's the logic for the school spending more money on this new technology? "You don't have to type in the number anymore and have to worry about getting the number mixed up"
ROME, Ga. (AP) -- The never-ending march of technology now means school children here can pay for their cafeteria sloppy joes with their fingers.

Rome City Schools is switching to a scanning system that lets students use their fingerprints to access their accounts. In the past, students had to punch in their pin numbers.

"The finger's better because all you've got to do is put your finger in, and you don't have to do the number and get mixed up," said Adrianna Harris, a second grader at Anna K. Davie Elementary School.

The new system speeds lunch lines, said city administrators. It's being phased in to Rome High School, Rome Middle School and all the city's elementary schools. The city hopes to have the system in use next month system-wide.

Some parents are uneasy with having their children's fingerprints scanned, and wonder about how well the information is secured.

"It may be perfectly secure, but my daughter is a minor and I understand that supposedly the kids have the option to not have their prints scanned, but that's not being articulated to my daughter," said Hal Storey, who's daughter is a 10th grader at Rome High.


It makes sense doesn't it?

I mean, these days, schools have WAY TOO MUCH MONEY TO THROW AROUND, so they would rather spend more money to help the kids not have to worry about forgetting their numbers.
I wish my teachers would have put that much thought into us forgetting our locker combinations and just scanned our fingers to open a locker.

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