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Who attacked who in Lebanon?

Some evidence brought to you by the Israelis themselves

A team of Israeli lawyers is now suing the Lebanese government for starting the war. The multi-million dollar case, to be filed in US civil court, will sue for compensation and damages incurred by Israeli residents and businesses as a result of the war. Attorneys Yehudah Talmon, Yoram Dantziger and Nitzah Libai claim the Lebanese government violated international law because it didn't stop Hezbollah's casus belli cross-border raid against Israel([search]).

Israel's justification for its 'self-defense' attack on Lebanon([search]), and the placement of the original "provocation" will take on new legal significance in coming months. Who infiltrated whom, and on what territory did the initial capture of the IDF soldiers occur? Differing press accounts stating that the capture occurred in Lebanon- not Israel- are now widely known: most frequently cited are AFP, Hindustan Times, Deutsch Press Agency, Asia Times, Bahrain News Agency and Voltairenet. Others reflect changes of direction in the recording of basic facts.

Newsweek's Michael Hirsh of, on July 12, said: "As a result, things are blowing up so quickly it's difficult to know where to focus any longer. After the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers by Hizbullah in Lebanon on Wednesday, which the hard-line group linked to a similar kidnapping by Hamas the week before, the mideast seemed to be closer to all-out war."

By July 13, the story out of's Jerusalem bureau was different. In a piece titled "Crisis allows Israel to pursue strategic goals- Kidnappings give Israel excuse to neutralize Hamas, Hezbollah", Jerusalem bureau chief Steven Gutkin wrote: "Kidnappings changed everything: All that changed Wednesday, when Hezbollah guerillas crossed into Israel, seizing Goldwasser and Regev and killing eight other soldiers in the ensuing fighting."

AP also ran changed versions. On July 12, at 5:41AM Joseph Panossian wrote: "The militant group Hezbollah captured two Israeli soldiers during clashes Wednesday across the border in southern Lebanon, prompting a swift reaction from Israel, which sent ground forces into its neighbor to look for them."

At 7:09 AM, Panossian had altered his report: "The Hezbollah militant group captured two Israeli soldiers during clashes along the Lebanese border on Wednesday."

By late afternoon, at 4:13 PM, AP's Panossian had completely shifted location: "Hezbollah militants crossed into Israel on Wednesday and captured two Israeli soldiers. Israel responded in southern Lebanon with warplanes, tanks and gunboats, and said eight of its soldiers had been killed in the violence."

Israeli sources went almost unnoticed. Cybercast News Service ( of July 12 said: "The abduction of two Israeli soldiers by Hizbullah militants in southern Lebanon was not a terrorist attack but an act of war, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Wednesday."

Australia's ABC News (Reuters) on July 13 quoted the IDF: "The sources say the Israeli soldiers had been seized at around 9am local time across the border from Aita al Shaab, some 15 kilometers from the Mediterranean coast. The Israeli army confirmed that two Israeli soldiers had been captured on the Lebanese frontier. Israeli ground forces crossed into Lebanon to hunt for the missing soldiers, Israeli Army Radio said."

Voice of America, Jerusalem, on July 12 said: "Speaking to reporters outside the Israeli Foreign Ministry, spokesman Mark Regev says Hezbollah is responsible for the violence. "It appears we have an escalation in the North," he said. "It is very clear that the escalation started on the Lebanese side of the border, and Israel will respond appropriately."

In his article "Casus Belli", IDF Brigadier General Moshe Yaalon wrote: "The present crisis was initiated- in Gaza([search]) by Hamas and in southern Lebanon by Hezbollah- from lands that are not under Israeli occupation." New Republic, July 31.

A quote by Hamas political bureau member Mohammad Nazzal in the July 13 edition of Haaretz said: "This is a heroic operation carried out against military targets and so it is a legitimate operation, especially as it took place in occupied Lebanese territory."

A Lebanese government official told this writer that the first information about the soldiers' capture in southern Lebanon came from the Lebanese Army Police, a source also quoted in many media accounts. "At the beginning the Lebanese Army said it was on the Lebanese side," the official told me. The verbatim Army communique' to the Lebanese government follows: " 'At 9:03 or 9:05am in the vicinity or in front of Ayt Al Shaab village the members of the resistance have abducted two soldiers. At 9:15am the resistance shelled the position of the enemy in the occupied territories. At 10:10am the Resistance and Israeli forces clashed with each other in the area of Naqoura,' on Lebanon's side of the border."

Lebanon's Ambassador to the US, Farid Abboud discussed the events publicly on July 12, 2006. Because of his stance to CNN Abboud was reprimanded, and recalled to Lebanon._

MICHAEL HOLMES, CNN International: "You say that you don't want any escalations, but ...

FARID ABBOUD: No, we don't.

HOLMES: ... but crossing over the border into Israel, killing and--seizing soldiers, what did you think would happen?

ABBOUD: I'm not sure where the location of the attack took place. I understand that there was another battle, also, where during which the Israelis crossed Lebanese soil and that the casualties that fell then were inside Lebanon territory ... We do not want any escalation, and I don't think we have ever attacked Israel. I mean, Israel has always occupied our territory, and we have always defended ourselves. Our position has always been very reactive, defensive.

This writer then spoke to the chief of the Lebanese Defense Cabinet General Edmond Fadel in Beirut for clarification. He said he was not authorized to speak on Hezbollah's position.

Hezbollah's position had been cited in the Jerusalem Post of July 12 : "Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said the timing of the capture of two Israeli soldiers in southern Lebanon on Wednesday would boost the position of Palestinians in Gaza."

It was a view Hezbollah spokesman Ibrahim Mousawi had reiterated to me on July 16 by phone. He insisted that the crisis occurred on the Lebanese side of the border "in front of the village of Ayt Al Shaab" adjacent to a military post.

On August 2, I discussed the kidnapping issue again with Hezbollah's Mousawi in Beirut.

Q: We spoke earlier on July 16, 2006 about this issue and I would like to make it official. The Lebanese Army has claimed that the Israeli soldiers captured on July 12, 2006 were captured in Lebanon, not Israel as we hear in the US. Were they caught inside Israel or Lebanon?

MOUSAWI: How can you possibly say Israel? This is an occupied land, occupied Palestine([search]).

Q: Alright. Was it in occupied Palestine or Lebanon?

MOUSAWI: It was in Lebanon, on the border.

Q: On the border- What town? Where was it near?

MOUSAWI: There is no town. It was a military post.

Q: Did Hezbollah cross over into Israel?

MOUSAWI: This has never been claimed by Hezbollah- only on the border. And don't say Israel- its occupied Palestine.

Q: The IDF soldiers in the tank who hit the mine and were killed?

MOUSAWI: It was all in the Lebanese lands when they wanted to penetrate- to go after the resistance.... No one believes anymore that this is about the two soldiers, not with the destruction of the infrastructure. Besides, Hezbollah got information that this Israeli aggression was scheduled to take place this September or October...

According to Attorney Yehudah Talmon, Israelis will also sue to collect money from Lebanese assets and property in the United States. "No group associated in any way, shape or form to Hizbullah is immune to these claims." Never mind if the claims are based on shifting boundaries.

Trish Schuh wrote on the coming Hezbollah-IDF border crisis in Counterpunch's "Faking the Case Against Syria" in November, 2005.


Re: Who attacked who in Lebanon?

This goes one step beyond Mike Rivero's list of news sources that indicate the July 12 clash happened in Lebanon([search]):

Thanks, Trish.

Accelerated Idiocy

Hezbollah attacked, and they're proud of the death and destruction they caused.

Incredible how fast the historical revisionists are working...what's worse, i that useful idiots will believe ANYTHING they're told to believe.

Re: Who attacked who in Lebanon?


merav yudilovitch: Do you see the world media partialy responsible for not insisting of linking between what's going on in the Occupied Territories and Lebanon([search])?

noam chomsky: Yes, but that is the least of the charges that should be levelled against the world media, and the intellectual communities generally. One of many far more severe charges is brought up in the opening paragraph of the Berger letter. Recall the facts. On June 25, Cpl. Gilad Shalit was captured at an army post near Gaza([search]), eliciting huge cries of outrage worldwide, continuing daily at a high pitch, and a sharp escalation in Israeli attacks in Gaza. The escalation was supported on the grounds that capture of a soldier is a grave crime for which the population must be punished. One day before, on June 24, Israeli forces kidnapped two Gaza civilians, Osama and Mustafa Muamar, by any standards a far more severe crime than capture of a soldier. The Muamar kidnappings were certainly known to the major world media. They were reported at once in the English-language Israeli press (Jerusalem Post, Ha'aretz English edition, June 25), basically IDF handouts. And there were indeed a few brief, scattered and dismissive reports in several newspapers around the US; the only serious news report in English that day was in the Turkish press. Very revealingly, there was no comment, no follow-up, no call for military or terrorist attacks against Israel([search]). A google search will quickly reveal the relative significance in the West of the kidnapping of civilians by the IDF and the capture of an Israeli soldier a day later.

The paired events, a day apart, demonstrate with bitter clarity that the show of outrage over the Shalit kidnapping was cynical fraud. They reveal that by Western moral standards, kidnapping of civilians is just fine if it is done by "our side," but capture of a soldier on "our side" a day later is a despicable crime that requires severe punishment of the population. As Gideon Levy accurately wrote in Ha'aretz, the IDF kidnapping of civilians the day before the capture of Cpl. Shalit strips away any "legitimate basis for the IDF's operation," and, we may add, any legitimate basis for support for these operations. The same assessment carries over to the July 12 kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers near the Lebanon border, heightened, in this case, by the (null) reaction to the regular Israeli practice for many years of abducting Lebanese and holding many as hostages for long periods, and of course killing many Lebanese. No one ever argued that these crimes justified bombing and shelling of Israel, invasion and destruction of much of the country, or terrorist actions within it. The conclusions are stark, clear, and entirely unambiguous.

All of this is, obviously, of extraordinary importance in the present case, particularly given the dramatic timing. That is, I suppose, why the major media chose to avoid the crucial facts, apart from a very few scattered and dismissive phrases.

Apologists for state crimes claim that the kidnapping of the Gaza civilians is justified by IDF claims that they are "Hamas militants" or were planning crimes. By their logic, they should therefore be lauding the capture of Gilad Shalit, a soldier in an army that was (uncontroversially) shelling and bombing Gaza. These performances are truly disgraceful.

full interview @

the early reports did state that the soldiers were captured after the idf crossed over the border, but then the capitalist (or "corporate", same difference) media drowned out the facts w/ political propaganda in servitude to psych warfare designed to justify the ethnic cleansing being perpetrated by the USis govts. he who pays the piper calls the tune, they say.

there are some rpts that hez was aware of a planned october front - the now-revealed israeli plans for a slice-and-dice ground assault to capture all lands south of the litani river in their desire to both secure that fresh water source and wipe the hez armed division off the map (or is it 'pages of history'?) - and used this opp to preempt that move, catching the idf off schedule.

there are also rpts that hez used the opp to provoke the idf into a two-front attack, alleviating some of the direct assault on the peeps in gaza.

there are also rpts that hez wanted to use the captured soldiers for a bargaining chip in more prisoner exchanges, an established protocol for getting some civilized response out of the israeli govt who has kidnapped a significant # of civies - something definately outside the dictates of int'l law.

and there are other accounts of hez's agenda which, no doubt, may seem plausible, though we should not overlook the forest while sizing up a tree or two. as chomsky points out, "no one ever argued that" israel's long-standing practice of kidnapping & murdering lebanese civies "justified bombing and shelling of Israel, invasion and destruction of much of the country, or terrorist actions within it."

hez is a resistance org. the idf - despite the volume of brainwash-inducing cries of "self-defense, self-defense, self-defense, wahhhh!!" saturating the mediasphere - is not; they are aggressors, as clearly evidenced by a look at their territorial holdings & expansionist objectives.

and on the subject of evidence from the israeli's themselves...

in case anyone wants to convince you that the attacks on lebanon([search]) had anything to do w/ the two captured soldiers, you might mention the following

ha'aretz: Dozens of abducted soldiers' friends protest truce conditions in TA


Dozens of members of the company of three abducted Israel([search]) Defense Forces soldiers congregated in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv Monday night to protest the fact that the release of their friends was not a condition of the UN cease-fire resolution which came into effect earlier in the day.

Soldiers Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev were kidnapped by Hezbollah guerillas in Lebanon on July 12. The release of the troops was not stipulated in the operative sections of the resolution, but only as part of the introduction for it.


Re: Who attacked who in Lebanon?

We all know that the capturing of Israel([search]) soldiers was a pretext for Israel. Captured soldiers have been used in prisoner exchanges in the past, in all wars, in a multitude of countries. Israel enacted a year-long plan, with the help of the US, to destroy Hizboallah, rape Lebanon([search]) and humiliate the Arab/Muslim world. They ofcourse, failed miserably in 2/3 of those. They did manage to rape Lebanon and they did it with the consent of the US and Britain and the rest of the leaders of the world who stood by as cowards. Israel's military might can defeat any army in the middle east, but that era has come to an end. Israel taught a valuable lesson to everyone...armed resistance is key. Hizboallah are heros and their legacy will be celebrated for centuries. They defended their homes, their people and stood up to the most well-trained and well-equipped colonizers in the world.

What they are chanting in Arabic

At this link you will find three videos of the recent anti-Israel([search]) rallies in San Francisco. It keeps getting deleted since they don't want you to know what they are saying in Arabic. If the editors delete this , assume that that don't want you to know whats really being said out there.

Re: Re: Who attacked who in Lebanon?

No, no really, Hezbollah would never do anything like that. The Peace activists from hezbollah were bsuy on THEIR SIDE of the border, handing out candy to children and helping little old shia muslimahs cross the street, when ALL OF A SUDDEN!!!! WHAM!!!!!
Brutal Isra-ay-lees forces attacked Lebanon([search]). With them they had three soldiers tied up. They said to the hezbollah peace activists : "Take our soldiers, please"
Hezbollah first said "No thanks" (in arabic) but the brutal isra-ay-lee occupation forces had GUNS so the hezbollah peace activists said: "OK" (in arabic) The Hezbollah peace activists decided to leave one of the isra-ay-lee soldiers behind, kind of like a peaceful protest. Saying (in arabic) "Who are those Isra-ay-lees to think they can tell us how many to kidnap?"
The Isra-ay-lees then fled back to their side of the border and called the UN to tell on hezbollah: "Hello, UN?" "This is Sargeant Henny Youngman of the IDF Brutal Forces of Occupation" "The Hezbollah is being bad."



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