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Assaults on cyclists occuring in S. City

Account of a bike assault that occurred at Cherokee & Virginia intersection in S. City, forwarded from the StLBikeFed listserv. This matches up with stories told to me by other bikers in the area, so these kids are specifically predating on cyclists.
Riding home (to U City) through south city late Friday night/Sat morning I was assaulted by two teenagers at about 2:00 AM at Cherokee([search]) and Virginia. They threw a lead pipe at me (whether it was meant to hit me or go through my spokes I don't know). It went through my front spokes and shattered my carbon fork. I sprained my wrist pretty severely and got some bad road rash (was going about 25 mph at the time), but other than that am alright. Chased them through the neighborhood after they took off running but didn't catch them. Other than my fork, I think my rear deraileur is broken and my front wheel will need to be trued.

Called the cops who showed up after about 30-45 minutes. They took down a report for destruction of private property, though I think it should have been for assault (you can bet if I threw a lead pipe at a cop on a bike and shattered his fork and caused him to crash and hurt his wrist I wouldn't only be charged with destruction of property.)

Talked to some friends the next day who said that they had been biking through the same area on Cherokee St about an hour before and had also been attacked by kids who tried to throw an unidentified object at them (they thought it was a stick, may have been the same pipe)

Be careful out there!

Safe riding Eric



Re: Assaults on cyclists occuring in S. City

I am getting damn tired of people in big trucks and SUVs who think it is funny to start honking at you and then swerve at you. This is usually followed by the standard "get off the road faggot".

maybe this could start some discussion

I have run into problems like this myself, on a bike, being fucked with by various groups of people. Alot of people like to fuck with bikers. But I want to pose a question - why don't people fuck with bike cops?
I am not asking this so that people will start attcking bike cops, although, I certainly wouldn't mind. But the reason I ask this is because there is a possible threat when fucking with bike cops. They have weapons, they have back-up, and depending on what part of town you are in - they have community support.
So, a discussion I would like to start is - how can bicyclists go from being "an easy target" to "someone you may want to think twice before fucking with"?
I myself usually have a few weapons on me, but that doesn't mean nothing if there's 10 kids coming at you, or keeping people from chucking lead pipes at you, or when you have a shit-ton of bike cops after you.
How can we find ways out of these situations? People should be encouraged to use their bikes, not be afraid to use them.
Any ideas?

Moonlight Ramblers victimized by vehicular assault

Warning: capture your text in the clipboard before trying to post. Sometimes the "anti-spam" has ambiguous characters (could be a 0 or a O, could be a 1 or an l), and you'll lose your text if you guess wrong.

Lost several paragraphs of commentary. Am not going to re-type them, but here's the corporate media account of the Moonlight Ramble attacks:

3 bicyclists in Moonlight Ramble are struck by hit-and-run driver
By Bill Bryan

Three bicyclists participating in Sunday morning's Moonlight Ramble were struck by a hit-and-run driver who one witness said appeared to have done it on purpose.

No life-threatening injuries resulted, police said, and a search was on for the driver. Officers said he may have been thrown out of a nightclub a short time earlier.

Witness Greg Small said he was riding on Olive Street when he saw two riders get hit.

"The guy was accelerating right into them," said Small, 37, of St. Louis. "It's hard to imagine not seeing them. To me, it looked intentional.
"It was very frightening."

A third bicyclist was hit by the same car about a block away, officials said.

Police say they don't know whether the collisions were accidental or intentional.

The 43rd annual Moonlight Ramble, an organized bicycle ride through the city, once again drew thousands of people, who pedaled one of two courses. The event began at midnight Saturday.

Two men, both 30, and a 50-year-old man were taken to hospitals with leg and back injuries from being struck. Their names were not released.

Two of them were struck in the 3000 block of Olive Street shortly before 2 a.m.; the third was struck a block farther east on Olive, police said.

The motorist was driving a white four-door car, possibly a Pontiac Grand Prix.

Police said he might be a man who had been asked to leave the Loft nightclub, in the 3100 block of Olive, for being unruly.

Re: Assaults on cyclists occuring in S. City

One August 14th, kids on the 3300 Block of cherokee([search]) maced me as I rode by and then threw sticks and a baseball bat at me. As I rode off they pounded the top of my head with a stick twice—fortunately I had my helmet on. Im handing out flyers to every house on the 3300 block of Cherokee about this tomarrow. Ive seen kids get restless in August before school starts but this is the most brutal.

Re: Assaults on cyclists occuring in S. City

My message was the original one reposted here

(without my permission by the by, I'm not terribly upset, but it should be etiquette before you take someone's post to one list and recopy it somewhere else, even if stripped of identifying info)

I am troubled to see this is becoming a pattern as I and many people I know ride through the area frequently. Nevertheless, I am hesitant to go to the neighborhood association, police, etc and run the risk of bringing more police repression down on an area, and giving the forces of "urban renewal" more ammo in an area that's dealing with a fine balance right now between revitilization and a vibrant mixed community and gentrification([search])/displacement.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? I'm certainly not saying that there isn't anything that should be done - while it seems to me that most of the reports I have heard could be roughly filed under kids being reckless and stupid rather than kids being malicious and predatory, throwing pipes, baseball bats and spraying people with mace is not acceptable at all.

Re: Assaults on cyclists occuring in S. City

Good idea. Keep your mouth shut to avoid bringing "repression" to the neighborhood. This way, they can escalate to the point of shooting one of you assholes, thus freeing up the street for more cars.

Here's an idea, go back to Ohio or Wisconsin or wherever it is you are from and make life better there.

Re: Assaults on cyclists occuring in S. City

if this behavior occurs w/ any frequency in that specific area, it should be quite simple to document it - both visually & aurally - if one wants to pursue this through legal channels. or a vigilante "rapid-response" team, comprised of cyclists (& sympathizers) in the area willing to followup, could be organized so that the next time a biker runs into this predicament, ideally all it would take is dialing a cell-number to invoke a phone tree action resulting in at least a few individuals being able to arrive at the scene while the kids are still in the area. lotsa options for happens next, depending on the circumstances. photo documentation would be helpful when confronting their parents.

Re: Assaults on cyclists occuring in S. City

I have been grabbed, screamed at, had things thrown at me, ran off the road, and anything else you can think of while on my bike.

I think St. Louis bikers need to stop taking shit from drivers.

In other words, a car fucks with me, I'm fucking with it back.

Re: Re: Assaults on cyclists occuring in S. City

Let's see, in a contest between you and a truck, I have to go with the truck every time.

Good thinking though, logic like that indicates that you must be a product of the St. Louis Public School System.

Re: Re: Re: Assaults on cyclists occuring in S. City

Oh. That's really nice. What do you suppose we start doing? Form a committee, sign a petition? Paint more useless bike lanes on Grand that end mysteriously and go nowhere useful? Maybe we could have a meeting with all of the SUV drivers and truck drivers in the city and ask them to be nicer? Or we could just sit on here and attack each other's educational level.
Or, how bout this, we could actually start retailiating when fucked with. If people in cars learn that there are reprecussions for their actions, they'll be less likely to fuck with bikes.

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