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Public statement on Lebanon and Palestine by Latuff

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This message is for the Lebanese and Palestinian people and
to all people who care about their suffering.

It's not the first time that
Israel([search]) has criminally attacked them and it's also not
the first time that Arab governments have turned their backs on the suffering of the Lebanese and Palestinians.

Israel has punished people of Gaza([search]) and Beirut under the
allegation of fighting Hezbollah and Hamas guerrillas,
however this military offensive was previously planned by
Israel, as part of a White House strategy for a new Middle
East map according to its interests. The same argument of "war
on terror" has been used by Washington to invade and
occupy Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as harass Arabs and
Muslims who refuse to be on their knees over the George Bush policies.

I'd like to send my condolences to all Lebanese and
Palestinian families who lost their loved ones, killed by
the bombs of the State of Israel and say that this same
Lebanon([search]) which raised up from the ashes of a long-term civil
war, will rise again from this new tragedy. The Arab and
Muslim worlds must support both Lebanese and Palestinians
in these difficult times, because today any Middle
Eastern country can be victim of United States and Israel and only
united can the Arab and Muslim people resist. You can make a
difference. Make your part. Denounce the crimes of USA and
Israel. If world is deaf to it, let's shout it. There are
many ways to make it. Write an article, not only in Arabic
but also in English, so people in other countries can easily
understand your message. Publish it in a blog, in a local
paper, make a drawing, a photo, write a song, make a video,
a graffiti, join public demonstrations, debates, talk to
friends. It is important that you never be neglectful to the suffering
of our brothers and sisters in Lebanon, or in Palestine([search]),
Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Bombs destroy buildings and lives, but never the strength of
a people who resisted and still resist the state
terrorism from Israel and the United States.

With my solidarity and wishes of better days, I tell you, my
Lebanese and Palestinian brothers and sisters: Keep the
faith, keep strong and keep going. ... (more)

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An inglorious peace is better than a dishonorable war.
-- Mark Twain
Source: "Glances at History" (suppressed)

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