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West County synagogue's pro-Israel banner subverted

Vandals strike West County synagogue banner
July 31, 2006

Creve Coeur, MO (KMOV) – Politics of the war in Israel([search]) and Lebanon([search]) are hitting home in St. Louis County.

Police are investigating vandalism at a local synagogue.

The Shaare Emeth Temple put up a banner saying that the temple "stands with Israel."

Sometime Sunday night, a vandal defaced the banner to read that the temple "stands with murder."

The temple has already put a new banner on display.

Creve Coeur police are investigating.

ADL Regional Director Karen Aroesty says last Friday’s attack on the Jewish Federation in Seattle has upped the stakes inside the US.

St. Louis area Islamic and African American communities have sent the ADL letters condemning the Seattle shootings.

Aroesty says she hopes perceived threats against any religious group will be quick to draw the attention of police.

Last week, the ADL warned Jewish organizations to tighten security because of the fighting in Israel and Lebanon.


Re: West County synagogue's pro-Israel banner subverted

wow, nice work! any pics?

Re: West County synagogue's pro-Israel banner subverted

Synagogues are great targets for members of the Religion of Peace (TM) and their useful idiots.

Re: West County synagogue's pro-Israel banner subverted


Re: West County synagogue's pro-Israel banner subverted

I'd like to see how the zionazis spin this to be anti-semetic and a hate-crime. I guess if you equate Israel([search])'s policy of targeting civilian infrastructure, killing fleeing civilians, bombingh ambulances, grain silos, and milk factories with murder, then you're anti-semetic and want to wipe Israel off the map.

Re: West County synagogue's pro-Israel banner subverted

"I'd like to see how the zionazis spin this to be anti-semetic and a hate-crime."

It's not a hate crime until they act of their hatred, like the member of the Religion of Peace (TM) and the massacre of innocents in Seattle.

The Banner Defacers are Truth Squad Heroes!

Israel is a Nazi-like Fascist White racist Settler State and anybody who defends them deserves what they get. In this case the racist Jewish Supremacists of the Temple have been one-upped by the Truth Squad folks who amended their banner to reflect the reality of their zionazi-like support for the destruction and genocide that is taking place now in Lebanon([search])!
the world will not enjoy World Peace until the Frankenstein state of Israel([search]) is wiped off of the map. Indymedia readers need to support the Lebanese people in their struggle against the zionazis and we need to cheer on both Hezbollah and Hamas, as they are Freedom Fighters!
In closing, Iran needs Nukes! The more the better! and the day they drop one on Israel will be the day the world takes a qualitative step forward towards World Peace!


Lets hope you never get sick, then:
If you do, be sure to tell your doctor you don't want any part of any Israeli innovation

Israeli breakthroughs from 2007

1. Scientists in Israel([search]), found that the brackish water, drilled from underground desert aquifers, hundreds of feet deep, could be used to raise warm-water fish. The geothermal water, less than one-tenth as saline as sea water, free of pollutants, and a toasty 98 degrees on average, proves an ideal environment.

2. Israeli-developed designer-eyeglasses , promise mobile phone and iPod users, a personalized, high-tech video display. Available to US consumers next year, Lumus-Optical' s lightweight and fashionable video eyeglasses, feature a large transparent screen, floating in front of the viewer's face, that projects their choice of movie, TV show, or video Game.

3. When Stephen Hawkins visited Israel recently, he shared his wisdom with scientists, students, and even the Prime Minister. But the world's most renown victim of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), or Lou Gehrig's disease, also learned something, due to the Israeli Association for ALS' advanced work in both embryonic and adult stem cell research, as well as its proven track record with neurodegenerative diseases. The Israeli research community is well on its way, to finding a treatment for this fatal disease, which affects 30,000 Americans.

4. Israeli start-up, Veterix, has developed an innovative new electronic capsule that sits in the stomach of a cow, sheep, or goat, sending out real-time information on the health of the herd, to the farmer via Email or cell phone. The e-capsule, which also sends out alerts if animals are distressed, injured, or lost, is now being tested on a herd of cows, in the hopes that the device will lead to tastier and healthier meat and milk supplies.

5. The millions of Skype users worldwide, will soon have access to the newly developed KishKish lie-detector. This free internet service, based on voice stress analysis (a technique, commonly used in criminal investigations) , will be able to measure just how truthful that person on the other end of the line, really is.

6. Beating cardiac tissue has been created in a lab from human embryonic stem cells by researchers at the Rappaport Medical Faculty and the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology's biomedical Engineering faculty. The work of Dr. Shulamit Levenberg and Prof. Lior Gepstein, has also led to the creation of tiny blood vessels within the Tissue, making possible its implantation in a human heart.

7. Israel's Magal Security Systems, is a worldwide leader in computerized security systems, with products used in more than 70 countries around the world, protecting anything from national borders, to nuclear facilities, refineries, and airports. The company's latest Product, DreamBox, a state-of-the- art security system that includes Intelligent video, audio and sensor management, is now being used by a major water authority on the US east coast to safeguard the utility's sites.

8. It is common knowledge that dogs have better night vision than humans, and a vastly superior sense of smell and hearing. Israel's Bio-Sense Technologies, recently delved further, and electronically analyzed 350 different barks. Finding that dogs of all breeds and sizes, bark the same alarm when they sense a threat, the firm has designed the dog bark-reader, a sensor that can pick up a dog's alarm bark, and alert the human operators. This is just one of a batch of innovative security systems to emerge from Israel, which Forbes calls "the go-to country for anti-terrorism technologies. "

9. Israeli company, BioControl Medical, sold its first electrical stimulator to treat urinary incontinence to a US company for $50 Million. Now, it is working on CardioFit, which uses electrical nerve stimulation to treat congestive heart failure. With nearly five million Americans presently affected by heart failure, and more than 400,000 new cases diagnosed yearly, the CardioFit is already generating a great deal of excitement as the first device with the potential to halt this deadly disease.

10. One year after Norway's Socialist Left Party launched its boycott Israel campaign, the importing of Israeli goods has increased by 15%, the strongest increase in many years, Statistics Norway reports. In contrast to the efforts of tiny Israel to make contributions to the world so as to better mankind, one has to ask what have those who have strived to eliminate Israel from the face of the earth done other than to create hate and bloodshed.

All over the country, all over the world, we stand with Israel

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We support Israel
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We stand for peace . We stand with Israel
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Israel: now and forever
All over the country and all over teh worls, people of character and conscience are saying "We stand with Israel([search])"
Now and forever

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