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what the fuck happened to the fucking calendar?

what the fuck? why does this site keep changing for the worst?
next thing you know, we won't even be allowed to post messages on here.
I'm actually not that mad - just confused as to why this site is going downhill.


Re: what the fuck happened to the fucking calendar?

Is there something in particular that you don't like about the new calendar? Just like the old stlimc calendar, it requires you create a user account, which means providing with an email address so the calendar doesn't get cluttered with spam or advertisements from irresponsible parties. You can specify that this email address not be made public, and would on principal fight tooth/nail to never give that address to a 3rd party.

Besides, the server as a whole has had to go thru some serious growing pains just so it could continue to stay online at all. Certain parts of the old website, like the calendar, were simply not maintainable, and had to be ditched.

Re: what the fuck happened to the fucking calendar?

if you have serious concerns, why don't you come to the meeting tonight at 7pm at 3022 cherokee([search]) (camp([search]) building) and we can work together to try to correct whatever you don't like.

or email the listserve at imc-stlouis (at)

i would really like to hear more specifically you don't like, this is ya'lls site and we need your input!

oh - my bad

I was upset because I clicked on the 'image' of the calendar and it was quickly noticed that it was apparantly some other city's calendar (because it was full), but then I realized that if you click on 'view st. louis' then it will go to st.louis's calendar

Oops, my bad - I thought we were getting someone elses calendar. Carry on wit' ya bad selves!

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