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Local radio DJ advocates hitting bikes with vehicles

During morning rush hour 6/2, a DJ for Bernie Miklasz Show on local "sports" station, AM 1380, said the proper place for bicycles is underneath cars. This comes barely 1year after local radio DJs suspended for prompting listeners to forceably disarm cops. Unclear whether the DJ advocating violence against bicyclists could receive similar treatment. For context, 12% of all roadway injuries in Missouri are on bike.
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A local "sports" radio station, AM 1380, usually runs ESPN feeds, but has a few local shows. Apparently a local DJ hosted discussions on cycling on Friday. The DJ apparently said the proper place for bicycles is underneath cars, showing he condones vehicular assault of bicyclists by drivers of vehicles. He sounds like a Lars Larson clone. Local radio is mostly far-right-wing hatemongering, for example the KTRS racial slurs and xenophobia, the KMOX airing of syndicated Rush Limbaugh, and various "shock jocks".

The station has as advertisers cigar shops, lawyer organizations that turn DWIs into parking tickets (allowing drunk drivers to stay on the road), and kosher delis, so I already didn't patronize any of their advertisers.

Another DJ this morning is overly permissive to the anti-cyclist DJ's remarks. His illogical arguments condemn all bikers based on the arrogant behavior of a few arrogant Lance Armstrong wannabees in full spandex racing gear.

Of course as a whole, bicyclists behave a lot better than drivers of motor vehicles, but some bicyclists could be more polite.

My biggest pet peeve with bicyclists is when they destroy the environment by not getting out of the way, causing huge numbers of cars to back up and use more gas and spew more emissions. When possible, bicyclists should pull over and let the backed-up vehicles pass. Some "critical massholes" deliberately block traffic, taking up all lanes, causing enormous extra oil consumption and harmful emissions.

It's also bad when bicyclists speed through stop signs and red lights. Few things cause more road rage against innocent bicyclists than the bad cyclists that want the rights to use roadways without the responsibilities. Cyclists caught breaking traffic laws should be ticketed as if they were in a car. Naturally a "St. Louis stop" of say, under 5 MPH, shouldn't be a problem, but some go through at 20 MPH or more.

If the "spandex geeks" and "critical massholes" behaved better, there might be fewer attacks on the good cyclists. Of course many drivers will be hostile toward cyclists no matter what, as they're intimidated by the superior people who don't drive.

Transcript of 6/2/2006 Bernie Miklasz show (bike segment starts 2h20m in):
Bernie Miklasz's email: bernie(at)

KSLG 1380 AM
5261 Delmar Suite 202
St. Louis MO 63108
f: 314-367-8647

22 Morgan Street
St. Louis, MO 63102
f: 314-275-8308

Dave Greene
General Manager / Program Director



Re: Local radio DJ advocates hitting bikes with vehicles

What is the DJ's name, or at least the name of the radio show? The guy was advocating vehicular assault on air, and DJs have been fired in this town for less (e.g. racial slurs).

Here's the ESPN 1380 website, complete with FOXNEWS-style flashy lights:

Here's the list of on-air staff:

Here are contact emails:

Re: Local radio DJ advocates hitting bikes with vehicles


I am not a regular reader of this site, and only found your posting because somebody posted it on a cycling mailing list to which I subscribe. Thanks for putting the information out here, and I hope you'll respond with information as to the DJ's identity. I'll also hope that pressure will put an actual recording of the comment out for all to hear.

As a cyclist, I am in complete agreement with your assessment that cyclists speeding through stop signs and red lights is bad and tarnishes all cyclists. However, I would encourage you to remember that I, as a cyclist, do not automatically lump you, who I'm sure is a *good* driver in with the bad drivers who, either intentionally or via their inattention, create dangerous situations for all cyclists and most motorists.

However, I must disagree with your pet peeve complaint of cyclists not "getting out of the way" and destroying the environment due to backlog of cars that creates. While I agree that this can be frustrating, it should be clear that the cause of any environmental problems are the people who choose to drive the cars, not the cyclist. The cyclist is simply a legitimate user of the road which s/he has paid for through his/her taxes. I, too, get frustrated by slow-moving traffic whether I'm on my bike or in my car (yes, I use both), and must struggle to remain patient; it sounds as if we share this unfortunate trait!

Thank you for your help in advocacy and combating the foolish, narrow-mindedness of DJs. One can only hope that, at some point soon, station managers will comprehend that the listening public would like something a bit more intelligent than the functional equivalent of Geraldo for Radio.


a few things

Since when aren't bikers supposed to run red lights or stop signs? I mean, yes, you look before you go obviously, but you don't have to wait for the light to turn green if there are no cars coming on a bicycle like you have to in a vehicle.
And I've heard of one instance in St.Louis a few years ago when a drunk driver started fucking with someone who was biking home, trying to hit him with his truck!
So, that biker eventually lost the guy, ended up following him from a distance, saw where he lived, and in the middle of the night, with the rain pouring down on everything so loud you couldn't possible hear anything other than the rain, he let all the air out of that guys tires.
And I must say that that person probably kept that guy from fucking with bicyclists from then on, so - whoever did that, I support them.

Re: Local radio DJ advocates hitting bikes with vehicles

Note that the offending comment was actually made by show guest Max Leinwand and not by Bernie Miklasz.

According to Miklasz, Leinwand will issue an apology soon and on-air next Friday when he is on the show again.



Re: Re: Local radio DJ advocates hitting bikes with vehicles

Bernie states that Max will issue an apology, but then in the same breath threatens lawsuits against people mis-attributing the comment to him.

It is good to see that Bernie will admit when he or his show guests slip into poor taste, but he'll need to grow thicker skin if he wishes to continue doing macho-man talk radio during drive time. Sure, he and his guests can say largely anything they want on-air, just as listeners can say whatever they please about it (in entirely different forums, and not even on-air, I might add).

It's freedom of expression, and Bernie's just going to have to live with it.

Re: Local radio DJ advocates hitting bikes with vehicles

that bernie fella comes across as a complete idiot in that post, more so than many of the other posts in that thread.

Max made a mistake. But I would ask: what's the bigger and more damaging mistake: a poor attempt at humor (Max's comment) or those who respond to a joke gone bad, a joke out of bounds, by making false accusations against another person?

I have been contacted by attorneys who are prepared to file suit on my behalf. The boys tell me it's a slam-dunk case for me. But I do not wish to do that and will dismiss the thought as long as my gentlemany request is fulfilled.

We all make mistakes, and so all I'm seeking is a formal apology.

percisely what we need

i agree with eric's criticism of cyclists. if anything we need bikers to be well behaved. when i'm riding a bike i never cut off asshole drivers or spit on disgusting gasguzzling vehicles or engage in shouting matching. i treat my bike riding time as i do all aspects of my life: trying to be as non-threatening and as normal as possible as not to make a scene.
here's to long tradition of honorable lawabiding citizens of all sorts.

Here, Here.

Well said, ol' boy. Well said.

Re: Here, Here.


Re: Local radio DJ advocates hitting bikes with vehicles

Also not a regular here, forwarded from other website . . . . Did someone actually mean to say their pet peeve was "Cyclists destroy the environment . . . "??? By making cars backup??? You have GOT to be kidding, right? How could any rational person hold this view?

If you thought about it for a second, you might consider out of the hundreds of millions of person-miles put in by users of the road each year in the US, a very tiny proportion of those are from cyclists; and from that very small proportion, an even more tiny proportion would involve "backing up" cars. Weigh this against the tons of pollutants spewed out of exhaust pipes and factories across our nation every day. Then tell what is the greater threat to our environment. Please reconsider your pet peeve and let a little rational thought take place, huh? Bill H, Webster Groves

Re: Re: Local radio DJ advocates hitting bikes with vehicles

It is a shame the original poster used the opportunity of an anti-cycling comment on AM talk radio to express his nitwitted opinions about vehicular cycling. Backing up cars is a direct consequence of having too many cars on the road in the first place, and not the cyclists' fault. Even Critical Massers who do this intentionally are not incrementally destroying the environment, since they are advocating/promoting in an arena where cycling is perfectly legal but made impossible/untenable by selfish motorists.

Still, the purpose of this forum as precisely this sort of discussion/debate. So have at it...

Re: Local radio DJ advocates hitting bikes with vehicles

As a biker, I have been screamed at, had things thrown at me, run off the road, and other incidents by cars, when I am merely using the road for the same reason the drivers are... except I'm the one invading their "space."

The way I look at it, until the cars start being nicer to me (or stop existing entirely) they can take their stoplights, stop signs, turn lanes, traffic jams, and nasty noisy pollution and choke on it.

The only thing I care about is getting where I need to go, and getting there alive.

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