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Israelis hold British charity worker

The Telegraph
19 May 2006

Britain has complained to Israel about the detention
without charge of a British charity worker arrested while
working on an aid project helping Palestinians in the Gaza
Ayaz Ali, 36, from Bradford, was arrested on May 9. The
Israeli authorities invoked military law that allows Mr
Ali to be held for weeks without charge and he has
appeared at in camera sessions of military courts.

Mr Ali's family have heard nothing from him since his
arrest and are praying for his release.

His wife, pregnant with the couple's first child, is
believed to be very concerned about his welfare. British
diplomats have visited Mr Ali twice and have called on the
authorities to free or charge him.

He has been denied reading material during his detention
and the diplomats have urged the Israelis to provide some.

Mr Ali was working for Islamic Relief, a
British-registered charity based in Birmingham.

The group has been working in the occupied territories
since 1994. Large sums of British Government aid for the
victims of the Pakistani earthquake last year were
channelled through it.

A spokesman for Islamic Relief said Mr Ali had worked
since last December as its Gaza([search]) programme manager. He said
Mr Ali was driving through Israel([search]) to the West Bank city of
Ramallah when he was detained.

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