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More than half of Israelis want gov't to help Arabs

9 May 2006
More than half of Israelis think the government should
encourage its Arab citizens to emigrate from Israel,
according to an annual survey by the Israel Democracy
A poll published Tuesday on the state of democracy in
Israel([search]) found that 62 percent of Israelis support
government-backed Arab emigration, compared to the 40
percent detailed by Geocartography Institute poll in

The annual survey of the status of democracy in Israel was
published Tuesday morning, in preparation for the Israel
Democracy Institute conference to be held Wednesday
sponsored by President Moshe Katzav.

29 percent of Israelis think crucial decisions concerning
Israel's future should be decided by a Jewish majority,
and only 14 percent feel that relations between Jews and
Arabs are stable.

The study also shows a decline in public disapproval of
Israel Defense Forces soldiers refusing orders due to
personal morals or ideology, especially regarding refusal
to evacuate settlements. 58 percent disapprove refusal of
orders in the military, as opposed to 70 percent last

Tuesday's poll, the Democracy Index 2006, was conducted in
the Gutman Center under the direction of Professor Asher

The poll focused this year on public interest in political
parties. The study shows that despite a growing interest
in current affairs, confidence in politicians has

82 percent of respondents believe that democracy is the
ideal form of government for Israel, a 5 percent increase
from the previous poll. 77 percent believe that democracy
is the ideal form of government for any country.

27 percent feel that they can influence their government's
policies, while only 17 percent think elected officials
fulfill their campaign promises. 25 percent believe that
Knesset members are concerned with what the public thinks.

Israelis place less trust in political parties than in any
other government or public institution. Only 22 percent
trust the parties, compared with the 33 percent that place
their trust in the Knesset, 44 that trust the media, 68
percent that trust the supreme court and 79 percent the
trust the IDF.


Re: More than half of Israelis want gov't to help Arabs emigrate

the full title of article is:

"More than half of Israelis want gov't to help Arabs emigrate"

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