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Academics on the Middle East Agree with Israeli Lobby Study

The Middle East Academic Survey Research Exposition project polled 71 Middle East academics about the Walt and Mearsheimer report titled "The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy". The survey was fielded between March 31 and April 5, 2006. IRmep compiled and presents survey responses drawn from a pool of 2,300 academics with advanced degrees in Middle East area studies.
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photo is of the May 23, 2005 AIPAC protest in Washington, DC

4/06/2006 MEASURE Survey Release:
The Israel([search]) Lobby and US Foreign Policy

Key Findings:
49% of Middle East academics polled believe that the academic community is "hostile" to studies that are critical of the Israel Lobby and US policies toward Israel. 26% believe academia is "open" to such findings.

85% of Middle East academics polled believe that an Israel Lobby as described by Mearsheimer and Walt is "negative" to "extremely negative" to US interests.

65% of Middle East academics polled believe that the most powerful intimidation tactic of the Israel Lobby is charging detractors as "anti-Semites" followed by attacks from the mainstream media by Israel Lobby sympathizers (59%).

91% of Middle East academics polled believe it is "extremely accurate" to "accurate" that the Israel Lobby's tactics expose the United States to avoidable hostility in the Middle East.

86% of Middle East academics polled believe that the lobby places what it considers to be Israel's interests above the national interests of the United States.

Click on the related URL to see the charts and comments for elaboration on each survey question.

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