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Confluence 10 Yr celebration friday!

Anna Roland, Reverend Bonobo, Bob Reuter and the Variety Group celebrate with us the 10 Years of Confluence publishing!
Confluence is celebrating 10 years of independent reporting in St. Louis
with two benefit rock shows including:

Friday, June 10, 2005: Bob Reuter, The Variety Group and Anna Roland at
The Lemmons, 5800 Gravois. $5 Confluence([search]) will be celebrating June 10th in
conjunction with The Fifth Estate, an anti-authoritarian newspaper based
in Tennessee announcing its 40 year anniversary as part of the St. Louis
festivities. Plus a raffle of top-notch political posters, magazines and
Black Bear Bakery goodies!

AND this just in! The publisher of Fifth Estate, Reverend Anu Bonobo will
begin the evening with a fiery anarchist revival! Spoken word, preaching,
and comedic -- queer, pagan rants and revelations of the Fifth Estate
publisher who you may have seen, heard and witnessed last fall at our
protests of the Presidential Debates at Washington University. All the way
from Pumpkin Hollow community near IDA and Short Mountain, Tennessee! Host
of the rural Tennessee in-the-woods infoshop! You don't want to miss this
Explosion of Revolution Everywhere right here in south St. Louis! Also
appearing is the Reverend's selection of books!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005: Benefit Rock Show at Magees at 4500 Clayton at
Taylor behind the Wash U Medical School. Confluence Benefit musician
line-up: Bootigrabbers Delight, Celia and Team Tomato! 9pm $4 Plus a
raffle of Black Bear Bakery sweets and bread!

Just how does Confluence squeeze trumpeting the vulva and the Civilian
Oversight Board and developing a community center and relationships with
musicians and artists into one independent newspaper? We see any action
for social justice or community improvement linked to every other around
the world. Undermining the grasp the powerful have over one aspect of our
lives frees others to not only undermine that grasp in other areas in our
lives, but serves others in doing the same. Confluence is part of an
independent media movement within the context of the struggle for a better
world. Confluence points out injustice in the current system to
illustrate the need to move beyond these institutions, not merely tinker
with them.
Confluence is celebrating 10 years of efforts at being an
dynamic voice in political media in the St. Louis area. Since 1995
Confluence has published community voices on their neighborhood, city and
nation. While corporate media, like the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, report on
US troop heroism and corporate press releases, Confluence interviews
survivors of police brutality, organic farmers resisting Monsanto([search])?s
biotech crops and everyday people working for a better world.
Confluence rabble-rousing has gotten us an angry call from the Mayor's
father and our newsroom offices raided by the police when we opposed
Monsanto's biotech crops.
Publishing a newspaper has never been enough. Over the last ten years,
Confluence has built a comprehensive media movement while remaining
involved in the local neighborhood. Confluence co-founded the Community
Arts and Media Project (CAMP([search]), and the community-access
news website, the St. Louis Independent Media Center (
Confluence made numerous alliances with musicians, artists and businesses
to bring resistance to a broad cross-section of people.
Confluence is part of Missouri?s rich tradition of radical publishing
including the 1970s student-run St. Louis Outlaw and the Mexican
revolution paper, Regeneracion edited by the anarchist Magon brothers was
published in St. Louis in 1905.


Re: Confluence 10 Yr celebration friday!

What time is the Confluence([search]) celebration Friday night? No time is given above.

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