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Mayor Slay's online survey for Civilian Oversight Board, and more!

After the Board of Alderman recently passed a bill authorized creation of a Civilian Oversight Board for the St. Louis Police Department, Mayor Francis Slay has now put up an online survey seeking public feedback on the police services in the area.

The stuggle to establish a Civilian Review Board for the StL Police Department has dragged on for years. On one side, a citizen's advocacy group called Coalition Against Police Crimes and Repression (CAPCR([search])) has worked for years trying persuade alderman([search]) and other city officials of the board's importance, and on the other side, the STLPD([search]), the mayor, and other parties have argued that the police's existing Internal Affairs Department works just fine to handle complaints.

CAMP([search])/STLIMC would likely disagree with the latter argument, as both ogranizations were illegally raided (with some members arrested) in during an oppressive police crackdown that occurred in May 2003 in lead-up to a protest on genetically-modified crops. The ACLU of Missouri has helped the arrestees pursue civil suits against the STLPD in response to these raids.

In addtion, someone has initiated a thread on the St. Louis Police-friendly forum STLCOPTALK([search]) seeking discussion about the civilian review board. The initial poster, who does not favor a review board, is trying nonetheless to reach out to the police community. However, the many of the responses received thus far tend to run along the lines of "you don't know shit about police work." Serious attitude problems, indeed. I'd recommend contributing to this COPTALK([search]) thread, but bear mind that forum's moderators will delete posts they feel are not welcome.

Anyway, since Mr. Slay([search]) is seeking public opinion about what to do with the civilian review board (if anything), there's no reason not to take the opportunity by the throat. Vote early and often! Go to libraries and vote on every PC! Take your laptop to every wifi spot in town and vote! The survey tracks submissions by IP address.

On a related note, the group Police Complaint Center, which sends people with hidden cameras into police stations across the country to document how difficult/impossible it is file complaints against police office, just today gave the Florrisant, MO PD an "F", for the 2nd time. Interestingly, COPTALK also warned of this group's arrival in town a week ago, explicitly requesting folks to "mind their P's and Q's." A lot of good that did.


Re: Mayor Slay's online survey for Civilian Oversight Board, and more!

Yes, it's great we have Slay([search]) on the run! Look at how all four of the citywide Democratic establisment candidates are being challenged by a progressive Green Party candidate. Wait a minute...not one non-Democrat filed.

Free ride for the Democrats this year! Kepp pumping the online polls up, because you've let them win the real races.

Then run

whose stopping you from running?

Re: Then run

I'm sorry, but the local Greens are a closed organization and only want their own to run. If I ran, they would probably denounce me. That doesn't mean they can't come up with someone worth voting for, it just means they don't want folks like me messing with their "internal" affairs. Kinda like the other parties, just leftward. So I'm leaving it up to them. I would run if they welcomed outsiders.

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