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Independent Media Transcript 26 January 2006

Australia Day Aboriginal Tent Embassy March In Canberra

by Glenn Lockitch Melb IMC for A.T.E.

24/1/06 Uncle Speedy Mcguinness, an Elder from the Kunyarrankaan-Gurindji tribe in the Northern Territory, whose land uranium was first extracted from in Australia (Rum Jungle Mine) and used in the Maralinga nuclear tests in South Australia in the 1950's, will be leading a march to the PM's Lodge on Invasion Day (Australia Day).

The march will start 9.30am at Philip Swimming Pool in Woden, Canberra, and head to the PM's Lodge. At the Lodge there will be speakers as well as a protest about the Howard Government's open-slather policy on uranium mining.

The march will then head back to the Aboriginal Tent Embassy at Old Parliament House where Uncle Speedy McGuinness will be welcomed back by Aunty Isabel Coe (one of the original Aboriginal people to set up the Embassy in 1972) and a Sacred Fire Ceremony will take place.

This is a very important time to support the Aboriginal Tent Embassy as the Howard Government has recently rescinded the Embassy's Heritage listing (listed since 1975).

All are welcome!


Wipe out the World Economic Forum - Make Capitalism History

by Smush Aot IMC 24/1/06

The World Economic Forum (WEF), a foundation whose membership consists of chief executives of the world's richest corporations, some national political leaders (presidents, prime ministers and others), and selected intellectuals and journalists, is meeting this week in the Swiss mountain resort of Davos. This neo-liberal institution has been a focal point of the extra-parliamentary anti-capitalist movement in Switzerland for the last few years. Activists say that "the elite who are meeting at the luxury hotels of Davos are responsible for environmental destruction, poverty, exploitation and imperialist wars. The ones who are interested in personal advantages and profit can't have an honest interest in improving social structures. Capitalism is based on exploitation and maximisation of profits on the shoulders of people who are socially weaker."

After facing huge intimidation in recent years from the state's repressive forces (6,500 soldiers will be protecting the WEF), activists decided to focus on a decentralised Day of Action. Street-theatre, demonstrations, Reclaim the Streets parties and paint bomb attacks took place in a dozen towns [ Read More for a list of actions and photos ].

At the same time the World Social Forum (WSF) will take place. This year, activists will meet on three continents simultaneously - in Bamako (Mali), Caracas (Venezuela) and Karachi (Pakistan). A Peoples' Global Action will take place in Caracas and the Indymedia activists are planning to further strengthen our network in Africa.

SA Bam IMC 20/1/06

The Independent Media Centre at the Thomas Sankara Youth Camp([search]) is also producing audio reports and photos.

World Social Forum 2006 opens in Bamako, Mali

BAMAKO, MALI, 19 JANUARY 2006 - The WSF opened today (pictures) with a variety of actions and events. First activists from all over Africa and Europe and other parts of the world held a demonstration in the streets of Bamako. Later the WSF was officially opened with a ceremony in the Mobido Keita Stadium. The Youth Camp and some media activists participated with a soundsystem bus. Slight troubles were caused by clashes between Moroccan and Western Saharian nationalists at the end of the ceremony.

Though no one got injured or arrested, WSF security and Malian police had to intervene, seperate them and asked the opposing nationalist to leave the interior of the stadium, which both sides had used before to expose their national flags. Before this the stadium witnessed the opening talks of Malian associations, remembering the quest of WSF to tackle the poverty in the world and create solidarity among the people.

"We have to talk about why our joung people dreams are all about leaving Africa, why do they want to go to Europe and prefer the risk to die?" Activists from the youth camp with the help of local DJs brought some beats to the demonstration.

IMC Bamako opens its doors

BAMAKO, MALI, 20 JANUARY 2006 - With the official opening of the world social forum today, the IMC in the Youth Camp Thomas Sankara opened its doors. Next to the swimming pool of the sports centre of Bamako, a swimming pool that is unfortunately as dry as the air in Mali the doors of the IMC open today. From here IMC is sending its all day radio program which is also available online.

Imperalism or what?
BAMAKO, MALI, Fabian Frenzel 18/1/06

The last day before the offical start of the WSF in Bamako brought the first major political discussions. The conference "bandung du peuple", called by a network of Third World activists, took place in Bamakos conference centre near the Niger river.

In Bandung in Indonesia, in 1955, Third World leaders came together for a united conference against Western and Soviet Union colonialism.
Peoples' Global Action

Thousands Remember Martin Luther King's Legacy in St. Louis
by jms St Louis IMC 20/1/06

Several hundred people gathered Monday morning on January 16th in front of the Old Courthouse in downtown St. Louis to honor Dr. King's life and work for racial and economic justice. The diverse crowd not only wished to remember King's work but also promote the fact that much of what he fought for still must be resolved in this racially and economically divided military state.

Read the St. Louis American


Normalising poverty
by Adel IMC Ayla via FX 24/1/06

Why should wealthy mothers be able to stay home and get welfare payments when poor single mothers have to go out and work for as little as $3 per hour?' (Labor MP) To raise this particular question is misleading at its core. Its purpose is clearly to pave the way for further reductions in benefits for those mothers and families who are not suffering the same level of deprivation as the most needy recipients. Using poor single mothers as a benchmark for 'fairness' should make us all very nervous.

The Bankers Own The Earth [Updated]
by --(A)-- 24/1/06

Capitalism is organized crime. It has nothing to do with "free markets" and everything to do with illegitimate debt-slavery and usury markets. It is by design that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, not by accident. Capitalism is a fundamentally bankrupt and broken concept that must be replaced with an entirely new ethic based on the principles of fair trade and economic justice.

Special Event

ICOPA X1: 11th International Penal Conference

On Penal Abolition
Hobart Tasmania
7-11 February 2006

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