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Distracting Americans From the Truth

Don't let Bush distract you from his crimes.

Distracting Americans From the Truth

Author: Stephen DeVoy

Since news broke that "our" president has ordered the N.S.A. to spy on us without warrants, a clear violation of U.S. law and the Constitution, a lot of hand waving and lying has been deployed to distract us from the central truth that "our" president is a crook, liar, abuser of power, and madman.  As the spoiled brat of a wealthy family beats his chest and dares us to dethrone him, he and his tentacles are feverishly attempting to distract us.  For example, we are told that the center of our focus should be on whatever "shameful traitor" exposed "president's" criminal activities.  We are told lies such that the only telephone conversations monitored are incoming from al-Qaeda!  If that were true, why couldn't Bush have requested and obtained a warrant from FISA?  After all, that is what FISA is for.  We are told that the project was limited, as if the word limited has any real meaning when we have no idea of the true scope.  Moreover, since when is violating the law in a limited fashion legal?  Are we to suppose that if the common citizen murders, lets say, only blondes, it would be OK while murdering just anyone would be illegal, simply because the former case is "limited" in some way?  Finally, the biggest and most pathetic distraction of all is the lie that exposing "our" president's illegal behavior has put our national security at risk!  How so?

Well, yes, if the American People responded to the news with a revolution, our national security as Bush sees it would be threatened.  However, under the circumstances, a revolution would do more to promote our real national security than sticking with the status quo.  Under the status quo we do not need to live in fear that an insane dictator might come and take our freedom away because it has already happened.

Obviously, the president's spin-doctors have something else in mind when they claim that exposing the president as a criminal endangers our national security.  What they have in mind is this: They want you to believe that the Chimp's spy program is (1) essential to our survival and (2) is no longer able to function as intended now that it is known.  Neither of these points makes any sense.

First of all, there is no need for "our" president's spy program.  The one we already have is more than enough.  There already is a body which customarily rubberstamps anything that looks like a litigate request for a national security related warrant.  Since we now know that this court has rejected "our" Chimp more often than they have rejected any president in the past, we must assume that these requests coming from the White House are either not legitimate or have nothing to do with national security.  This means that the spying has NOTHING TO DO WITH AL-QAEDA, for if it did, FISA would OK it.  If it has nothing to do with al-Qaeda, then our darkest fears must be true: it has to do with the repression of our rights, interference in the legal political process, and criminal activities conducive to the corrupt goals of "our" president.

Since the N.S.A. has a nearly perfect history of keeping its operations secret and there have been virtually no whistleblowers at the N.S.A. since its founding, isn't it likely that the reason a handful of N.S.A. employees came forward to expose Bush is because his program is blatantly illegal and abusive?  Outside of blatantly illegal and abusive activities, no N.S.A. employee would dream of risking his or her future over a leak.  Whatever is happening here is very, very big and Bush and his henchmen do not want the truth to get out.

We must assume the worst and impeach George W. Bush.  To do anything less would be to submit to tyranny and enslavement, for what Bush proposes is a government with a leader free from the bounds of law and human decency.  We only need to look over the last century to know where this leads.



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An inglorious peace is better than a dishonorable war.
-- Mark Twain
Source: "Glances at History" (suppressed)

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