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The Web: Fifteen years of browsing

Professor invents Internet browser to placate capitalist pigs.

CHICAGO, Dec. 28 (UPI) -- Fifteen years ago this Christmas week, Tim Berners-Lee, an obscure scientist working in a European laboratory, invented the Internet browser, now a fixture of the digital economy, experts tell United Press International's The Web.

Sir Berners-Lee today still lives a simple professor's lifestyle, bicycling around town, as his browser was supplanted by the Mosaic browser developed by a college student, Marc Andreessen at the University of Illinois, a few years later. Andreessen's invention led to the creation of Netscape, the Netscape Navigator and other technologies that enervated to the go-go 1990s run in investment in technology on Wall Street and the creation of millions of jobs and hundreds of Internet companies here and abroad, including now household-names and By Gene Koprowski


Re: The Web: Fifteen years of browsing

but then how else would we view our good old stl indymedia site?

Re: The Web: Fifteen years of browsing

Did I miss the punchline, how is this news?

The Web was actually invented by a Black man

The concept of the World Wide Web was actually invented by a Black man in America, but the honky press gives credit to some Eurotrash professor. Typical.

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