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St. Louis Detective Suspended For Stun Gun Use On Suspect

Detective Suspended For Stun Gun Use On Suspect

ST. LOUIS (AP) -- A St. Louis detective is suspended without pay for allegedly pressing a stun gun against a suspect in an effort to get him to tell his name.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported the incident, confirmed by Police Chief Joe Mokwa([search]).

Detective Michael Tillman was suspended December 21st, a day after the incident in which Tillman allegedly pressed a stun gun against the suspect's neck, groin and arm. The department's internal affairs division is investigating.

Mokwa said a lieutenant witnessed the incident inside a patrol station and reported it to superiors.

Tillman, a 16-year veteran, declined comment. His lawyer told the newspaper the stun gun in question was inoperable.


Re: St. Louis Detective Suspended For Stun Gun Use On Suspect

The Recent article concerning STL PD Detective/Officer Michael Tillman really outrages me.

Michael Tillman has been put on "paid leave" from the Police Department until a full investigation is done. What? Paid Leave?

This officer has been accussed of a very serious wrong doing in prisoner abuse - using his own [b]personal "tazer"[/b] on a prisoner wjile on the line of duty. Is it not COMPLETELY wrong for an officer to use any personal gun or "tazer" while in the line of duty - whether it be loaded or not?

I have heard that this officer has wrongly arrested individuals in the past and who knows what else. This is ONE OFFICER I don't want on the streets of my city!!!
Non-the-less - rules are rules and broken ones only make the rest of the department / and fellow officers look bad!

Just my two cents.

Re: St. Louis Detective Suspended For Stun Gun Use On Suspect

Me He's not on paid leave get your facts straight thats how rumors get started.

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