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Commentary :: Art and Culture : General : Housing and Development

Cool to be Kind

Voluntary poverty, sustainable agriculture, helping one's fellow man. A Catholic Worker community quietly grows in north St. Louis.

The sky over north St. Louis is overcast as Carolyn Griffeth straps Finn Mateo, her two-year-old son, into a car seat in her beat-up station wagon. They're headed to Walgreens, a store Griffeth would rather not support, but she needs a low-flow nipple for a baby bottle.

"You could make one," her friend Trish Grim had suggested.

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Commentary :: Media : Surveillance/censorship

Microsoft Vista Threatens Internet Freedom?

The freedoms built in to the net are under attack like never before, argues regular columnist Bill Thompson.

The launch of Windows Vista last week was accompanied by widespread criticism from advocates of open systems, open networks and the free flow of information.

Particular attention was lavished on the digital rights management (DRM) features of the new operating system, the tools that determine whether you can play or copy video or audio on your computer.

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Commentary :: General : Media

Molly Ivins: A fond remembrance

I remember the first column Molly Ivins submitted to the Star-Telegram. It was the same day I saw my newspaper career pass before my eyes.

It was February 1992, and we had just hired Molly as a full-time staff member — a free-ranging, free-wheeling political columnist based in Austin. We — the Star-Telegram — hoped to bask in the glow in our nationally renowned, left-leaning, populist writer who was a three-time Pulitzer Prize finalist and best-selling author.

We hoped to signal to our newspaper peers that we had hit the big time. We hoped, perhaps naively, our circulation might rise on the wings of her soaring prose.

We hoped we weren't making a big mistake.

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News :: Surveillance/censorship

FBI turns to broad new wiretap method

The FBI appears to have adopted an invasive Internet surveillance technique that collects far more data on innocent Americans than previously has been disclosed.

Instead of recording only what a particular suspect is doing, agents conducting investigations appear to be assembling the activities of thousands of Internet users at a time into massive databases, according to current and former officials. That database can subsequently be queried for names, e-mail addresses or keywords.

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Commentary :: Military

Jim Webb's Barnburner

Webb was brilliant.. He lifted the country ouf of the squalor of pessimism by pointing the way out of Iraq and towards greater economic justice.. We were all betrayed. There were no weapons, no terrorist connections and no threat to national security. It was all fiction.

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Commentary :: Civil and Human Rights

Executive Branch Shouldn’t Meddle with the Judiciary

The federal government cannot legally wield any power that is not specifically granted by the Constitution. According to the Tenth Amendment, powers not expressly delegated to the federal government are reserved “to the states respectively or to the people.”

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Commentary :: Biking : Environment

Weighing In on City Planning

Could smart urban design keep people fit and trim?

Lawrence Frank is no couch potato. Taking full advantage of his city's compact design, the Vancouver, British Columbia, resident often bikes to work and walks to stores, restaurants, and museums. That activity helps him stay fit and trim. But Frank hasn't always found his penchant for self-propulsion to be practical. He previously lived in Atlanta, where the city's sprawling layout thwarted his desire to be physically active as he went about his daily business.

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News :: Environment

Solar power eliminates utility bills in U.S. home

EAST AMWELL, New Jersey (Reuters) - Michael Strizki heats and cools his house year-round and runs a full range of appliances including such power-guzzlers as a hot tub and a wide-screen TV without paying a penny in utility bills.

His conventional-looking family home in the pinewoods of western New Jersey is the first in the United States to show that a combination of solar and hydrogen power can generate all the electricity needed for a home.

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