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News :: Electoral politics : Right-wing politics

Prosecutor: Ohio County Rigged 2004 Recount

CLEVELAND (AP) - Three county elections workers conspired to avoid a more thorough recount of ballots in the 2004 presidential election, a prosecutor told jurors during opening statements of their trial Thursday.

Witnesses testified that, two days before a planned recount, selected ballots were counted so the result would be determined.

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Commentary :: Local politics : STLIMC/CAMP in the News

Battle for Control of Cherokee Street

At 1pm this afternoon the Cherokee Street Business Association will hold elections for its board of directors and officers. Unlike most business assocations, where things just continue with little controversy, this meeting may well be as heated as they come. This meeting may be a glimpse of how the upcoming 20th Ward election will go.

You see, Ald. Craig Schmid is pretty much of the same ‘keep out things’ mode of thinking of Wallace and her supporters. In the past, I think this has served a valid purpose. But times change and we must learn and adapt along the way. Among the groups on Cherokee are professionals, business owners catering to Mexican clientele, restaurants and bakeries, various artists and art groups, and a somewhat “radical” left-wing element. Wallace seems to have issues with all of them.

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Commentary :: Civil and Human Rights : Military : Right-wing politics

Militarism, Mayhem, and the Pursuit of Profit

The difference between what U.S. citizens think their rulers are doing in the world and what these rulers actually are doing is one of the great propaganda achievements of history. If we believe the White House and its various spokespersons, the United States has been reluctantly propelled onto the world stage by the force of events. This idea of reluctance is heavily peddled by policymakers and their media shills. None of our leaders ever really wanted to get involved in this or that region, we are told, but there are demonic forces afoot that necessitate U.S. intervention throughout the world.

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News :: Environment

The Warming of Greenland

LIVERPOOL LAND, Greenland — Flying over snow-capped peaks and into a thick fog, the helicopter set down on a barren strip of rocks between two glaciers. A dozen bags of supplies, a rifle and a can of cooking gas were tossed out onto the cold ground. Then, with engines whining, the helicopter lifted off, snow and fog swirling in the rotor wash.

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News :: Environment : General

Doomsday Clock set forward by two minutes

According to a group of elite nuclear scientists, the world has moved closer to Armageddon.

The scientists have moved the minute hand of the Doomsday Clock closer to midnight to reflect the growing concerns of global terrorism, the unchecked nuclear ambitions of Iran and North Korea and — in a first — the threat of climate change.

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Commentary :: Media

What defines “Indy” media in St. Louis?

St. Louis has an abundance of publications beyond our sole daily paper, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Other print media includes:, The Vital VOICE, The Riverfront Times, The Healthy Planet, Sauce, and others that focus on targeted areas such as The West End Word, the Webster-Kirkwood Times, The Pulse (Brentwood/Mid-County) and the Arch City Chronicle.

Seems they missed one in their list of media outlets…

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Commentary :: Housing and Development

Phantom of the Hood

Who are Blairmont Associates — and why are so many north St. Louis residents mad at them?

When Barbara Manzara decided two years ago to buy an abandoned building in north St. Louis, the property was completely off the grid. "No utilities whatsoever," she says, "not even gas service into the house anymore, [and] no sewer service." Her lateral sewer line, which had collapsed, crossed a neighboring vacant lot. In order to secure financing on the house, the problem needed to be fixed — and permission to do so had to be granted by the property owner.

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News :: Right-wing politics

CIA gets the go-ahead to take on Hizbollah

The Central Intelligence Agency has been authorised to take covert action against Hizbollah as part of a secret plan by President George W. Bush to help the Lebanese government prevent the spread of Iranian influence. Senators and congressmen have been briefed on the classified "non-lethal presidential finding" that allows the CIA to provide financial and logistical support to the prime minister, Fouad Siniora.

The finding was signed by Mr Bush before Christmas after discussions between his aides and Saudi Arabian officials. Details of its existence, known only to a small circle of White House officials, intelligence officials and members of Congress, have been passed to The Daily Telegraph.

It authorises the CIA and other US intelligence agencies to fund anti-Hizbollah groups in Lebanon and pay for activists who support the Siniora government. The secrecy of the finding means that US involvement in the activities is officially deniable.

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