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Features Section Guidelines
The features section of the IMC includes the items that appear in the center column of the web site. They are in-depth news articles that address a current issue which broadly and directly affects the local or regional community. Features should go beyond the scope of the event to include all relevant information surrounding the issue, including opposing viewpoints, and should link to tangent issues or background information (preferably within Indymedia and non-commercial sites). Under-covered news, breaking news, protests, ongoing coverage, or in-depth looks at local or regional issues are some examples of features-quality article topics. All features articles should strive to present an in-depth analysis, either from a balanced third-party perspective, or from a detailed first-person perspective.

Please note that the Features Section is not an open-publishing forum. While we are committed to having an open-publishing area, we are also committed to providing in-depth coverage of under-covered news and events. The features section is a means of helping us to guarantee that balance. Articles concerning an upcoming series or one-time event, performance, lecture, workshop, etc. should be posted to the Calendar so as to inform people about the event and where and when it will be. Coverage of such an event that does not go beyond the scope of the event itself should be posted to the Newswire.

Articles that are opposed to the general political and philosophical outlook of the members of the IMC collective will not be posted to our Features Section; but you are free to post them to the Newswire at any time. Still, we ask all users to respect our Newswire posting policy.

How to Post a Feature

There are two ways in which you can find your story as a Feature:

  1. Post story along with pictures and links to the newswire. All editors will continuously look at newswire for articles that could be used as Features
  2. You can also email your article, any relevant pictures, and links to relevant sound- and video-clips to the Editorial Committee, as well as a list of http sources, if you have them, so that we can include them in the abstract. Please be sure to include an email address so that we can contact you, and let us know if you want that information included or withheld from your published article.
Members of the Editorial Committee will review your article and get back to you with suggestions relating to grammatical, stylistic, and content changes. Once you have made the appropriate changes, your article will be posted to the features section. If you do not wish to make the suggested changes, a member of the IMC collective may revise your article or write a new article of similar content, to post to the features page with the by-line "revised by So-and-so," citing your article as a source which will then be linked from the abstract.

The Editorial Committee's email address is: imc-stlouis-editorial (at) To be part of the StL IMC Editorial Collective you must attend at least two meetings.

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