Re: Israel: The State of the Jewish People, and Rightfully So

1. Hebrews were just one of many foreign invadors of the land. Hebrews slaughtering and enslaving the canaanite tribes will never give Zionists a birthright of murderous theft of even 1 single rock in Palestine([search]).

2. Brittish being one of many foreign powers to occupy Palestine does not give the brittish any authortiy to be giving Palestinian lands to Zionist invadors. Just as Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia didn't give Hitler any authority to be promissing Slovakian lands to the nazi's Hungarian allies.

Attributing to England the authorty of Satan just showcases your devil worshipping beliefs.

3. Did england and france start world war 2 by declairing war against Germany? Or did Germany start world war 2 by invading Poland???

England and France tried and failed to liberate Poland like the Palestinian's neighbors tried and failed to liberate Palestine from the ZIonist invadors. And Nazi occupied France like Zionists occupied Syrian, Lebanese, Egyptian lands, etc.

Noone is so prejudiced as to see the Nazi occupation of france as something other than an offense, even though it was the french who declaired war on germany. But when it comes to Zionists occupying Syrian lands because Syria had the nerve to try to liberate palestine from the ZIonist invadors, well there turns out to be lots of folks who seem prejudiced enough to buy that load of dung.

4. Voted into existance??? There is that satanic authority you keep attributing to the UN.

And it is not all that rare for western interloaper devil worshippers to be carving up other people's lands. in 1884 and 1885, at the conferance of Berlin, western powers partitioned practicly all of Africa and gave it away to European invadors.

It was 33 Judeo-christian dominated states in the 1947 UN which gave Zionist invadors their blessing to become murderous thieves of palestinian lands. Now, what right do Cubans (Cuba's AMerican chosen puppet ruler) have to be promissing Palestinian lands to ZIonist invadors??? How about Hondurans??? Since palestine is NOT their property to be giving to Zionists or anyone else for that matter, who gives a turkey what Hondurans have to say on the subject??? haiti also had a vote. WHY??? In the first half of the 20th century, AMericans didn't even think Haiti could govern themselves, and stationed troops in haiti serveral times. How could haiti have any valid opinion on who gets to live in the Palestinian's homeland. And once you realize that Cubans, hondurans, and haitians have NO business giving ANY portion of Palestine to ZIonist invadors, the next step is when you realize that the 1st world western powers also don't have ANY business giveing ANY portion of Palestine to Zionists. Canadians, Americans, French, who the hell do they think they are to be playing Satan?

5. Very little land in palestine was owned by Jews. Much less was oned by Zionists.

Turkish census records, for taxation and conscription, shows that the lowest Palestinian population was 350000 in 1785. A population density greater than ALL newly created US states which I assume you ALL see as having a right NOT to be destroyed by Zionist invadors erven if jews were present in those newly created US states.

Greece was also government (sultan) owned land under the rule of Turks. Greeks not legaly owning their own homeland didn't denigrate the Greek people's claim to greece. but when it comes to lands the ZIonist crusaders want to steel...

Zionists did buy some land. And then they used that land to create their beachhead kibbutzes which they eventualy used to launch their bloodsoaked theft of other Palestinian lands. If you were to buy the land next to a bank and then used that land to tunnel into the bank's vault, when you get out of prison, will you still own the land, or will the laws you demand for your own portection see to it that the bank's insurance company gets YOUR land in a civil trial??? That is assuming you didn't murder any bank guards or tellers in your bank robbery like the Zionist killed Palestinians when they launched their chosen murderous theft of Palestinian lands. In which case you might never get out of prison.

6. There is a swamp not even 3 miles from my mothers home. if Jews were to buy that swamp and turn it into a productive farm, would that give other ZIonists a right to steal my mother's home? Or YOUR mother's home??? And I'm noy even going to go into the destruction of wetland habitata, as I assume most people who come in here ave a clear view of how stupid 6 is.

brittish records show the palestinians exported great quantities of agricultural products. Zionist lies push the idea that a million Palestinians had evolved the ability to survive by eating sand and drinking swamp water.

And then the rant goes into delusions tht only the most brainwashed would see as giving ZIonists a birthright of murderous theft of someone else's homeland

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An inglorious peace is better than a dishonorable war.
-- Mark Twain
Source: "Glances at History" (suppressed)

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