Re: Torture with Electronic Weapons? Or is it Something Else?

RE 911- follow carefully. Evidence enclosed had by records numbers following/ cell phone of foreign intelligence source CIA Malcolm Tombs following-
/ Tombs School in UK / Documents/ Contact/ Emails/ Incident reports of which willing to speak out against

911 Intelligence operational methods of:

Ideal control {hide information by use I.T.}

Cover ups {prevent knowledge foreign intelligence source Tombs enclosed}

Effective deceit { Incident for US/ UK solidification war on terrorism/ Information warfare on public under guise “security” noting expense 51 billion for incl acquisition technology}

Spin doctors {Media spin inundating public}

Zero forensic presence {self explanatory}

Zero compliance [to include Tom Ridge Dept of “Homeland Security”}


Govt denies Accountability

Profit in confusion

Hidden agenda

RE CIA/TAPES/INV {Fraud/ Negligence; following USA Patriot Act viol/ FISA viol;

Civil/Const/Human rights as subjected pre/post 911 to date-

RECORDS foreign intelligence source CIA {Herndon Va}/ FBI {Quantico Va}:

{EVIDENCE documented of which has used DISN from UK traced to CIA

US 5/31/03 of which Tombs sent email to hospital responsible for putting me in {assult

w/ deadly weapon by use Direct energy weapons} facilitated by UkMilSatCom to prevent

trace {evidence by degree Materials Science as alumni 1972 School of Cognitive and

Computing Sciences Sussex UK; also engaged in Intl Terrorism.

Malcolm John Tombs 24 Cumberland Tce Willington, Co. Durham DL15 OPB UK

01388 745645 email xsas (at)

Tombs resides 7 Tregowan Close Stoke on Trent ST6 7EQ UK {home phone 01782

819834 {changed 3/07}.

Tombs engaged in global surveillance {by RADINT} use HUMINT and global british

embassies {collection information by use I.T. of BCI/ RADINT facilitated by UK

MilSatCom. Information given to CIA by shared domain nameserver


FOR RECORDS: 911/ TAPES {of “two destroyed”} re CIA/ INV: 1888 939 6263 {PO Box 785 Herndon Va from IPs: and cell phone records {personal cell phone Malcolm Tombs afilliate

CIA/FBI in UK 07870 337686. Records calls to US pre 911 incident had b=y contact BT

{British Telecomm in UK}.

Tombs contacted pre 911 incident in UK proving information, Cyber terrorism/ Cyebr

espionage/ Cyber surveillance; global use HUMINT for information warfare and use I.T.

for Cyber sex; TORTURE pre/post 911.

EVIDENCE CIA/ FBI use Uk intelligence op methods by wireless from UK to prevent

criminal domestic prosecution of domestic terrorism/ surveillance pre/post 911.

TECHNOLOGY : Brain computer interface/ Radiation intelligence; DEWINT/

SIGINT/ELINT/MASINT/ COMINT facilitat4ed by use UK MilSatCom {keyhole class

satellite} monitoring global electromagnetic spectrum {interception electronic/ oral/

written communications}.

Tombs engaged in Cyebr terrorism by DEW/ADT/EMP {primary destructive

mechanisms} for E/W; E/A by wireless to prevent prosecution as former alumni School

of cognitive and Computing Sciences Sussex UK {now University of Informatics}.

TECHNOLOGY used for E/W; E/A; Jamming; Deception by exploitation of the EMS on

a global basis {cause for complaints MIND CONTROL}.

TORTURE done by {TAPES had, accessed by CIA US by shared ip}

I.T. using wireless methods {noting name Camp([search]) X RAY} by Radiological monitoring/

Brain computer interface for:

Coercive forced speech/ Interrogation/ data mining; Monopolization of

perception/Psychological operations/ Perception augmentation; Programming/ Retinal

scanning/ Voice printing, recognition {use artificial intelligence}; Monitoring

heart/breathing rate; Bodily functions; Sleep deprivation {use Radiation covert

communication of White noise}/ Shocks by EMP {electromagnetic pulse}; Cyber sex

{simulated Rape/ Sodomy}; as experienced from 1997 to present noting expense US

homeland security {FRAUD/ NEGLIGENCE} and US war on terrorism at over 51


Tombs engaged in “Electronic Probing” {TAPES}/ Signals processing of information by

use UK MilSatCom OBC; downloading onto Remote Monitoring System to prevent


Tombs engaged in use RF weapons {direct energy weapons/ Active Denial Technology/

Electromagnetic pulse since 1997 to present as experienced}.

Subjected to Assault/ illegal imprisonment/ Illegal Search and seizure/ Property theft/

Destruction {by B/E}; Destroyed vehicles; ID theft; Set up {Intel OP methods} resulting in

incidents of which police engaged in Fraud/ Deceit/ Concealment evidence, facts;

Falsification incident reports to justify Civil/Const/ Human rights viol; Hospitalized,

subjected to Destroyed vehicles {by use I.T. Brain computer interface noting death of

Diana UK]; Slander/Libel/Advertising injury of which want to go after Tombs, CIA for

Fraud; FISA viol; USA Patriot Act viol; Acts terrorism/ Civil/Const/Human rights viol of

which filed Pro Se against in USDC SDNY.

REFERENCE RADIATION : FBI Veronica Maxwell FBI 27 Matthews St Goshen NY

10924 as “23 year expert”; Knows all about Radiation of which did nothing upon contact

re inv/ protection.

ENCLOSED: give 911 info; CIA/TAPES/INVESTIGATION {tapes had by CIA}

For US public as subjected to abuses by Intelligence

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An inglorious peace is better than a dishonorable war.
-- Mark Twain
Source: "Glances at History" (suppressed)

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