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Brazilian Trade Unionists Demand Removal of Brazilian Troops from Haiti
e-mail from International Liaison Committee
Brasilia, July 21, 2005

A delegation of trade union activists and politicians went to the
Palace of Planalto (headquarters of the President of the Republic of
Brazil) on July 21 to demand an explanation from the government in
regard to the massacre of civilians in Haiti, committed by the UN
troops under the command of the Brazilian army.

The letter condemns the barbaric acts of the UN troops, who attacked
the workers quarters in Cite-Soleil of Port-au-Prince, capital of
Haiti, killing at least 20 people (a figure that will increase if our
information is confirmed) with four children shot through the head.
These events were reported by a group of U.S. trade union activists
from the Labor Council in San Francisco from the AFL-CIO, who was
present in Haiti from June 29 through July 10.

According to these witnesses le massacre was executed by 300 soldiers
who were heavily armed, and commanded by the Brazilian General
Augusto Heleno.

Palestinian NGO Network In Israel's Gaza([search]) Pullout
16 aug 2005

Warning that Israel's unilateral decision to evacuate 8,500 Israeli settlers from the Gaza Strip could be seen as "a trade-off meant to legitimize the Israeli settlements in the West Bank," the Palestinian NGO Network has urged the international community not to let the "Road Map" fall by the wayside and to ensure the peace process continues.

Israeli settlers evacuation from occupied Gaza and the Media Coverage of the Gaza Disengagement plan
The Palestinian American Congress
P.O.Box 2302 Astoria, New York 11102
Media Contact: Marwan El-Masri 617-694-3597 melmasri (at)
Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD Tel 203-676-2986 qumsi001 (at)

The Palestinian American Congress is appalled at the media coverage of the Israeli withdrawal from the Palestinian Gaza Strip. The media is projecting the evacuation of Jewish settlers as an Israeli sacrifice filled with emotional scenes of desolation. We urge the media to include a better and wider perspective beyond the hype of removing the Gaza settlers who represent less than 2% of colonial settlers in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem). According to International Law, all 450,000 settlers (half in East Jerusalem) are illegal and have been illegal for the past 38 years. The media fails to mention the plight and the suffering of the Palestinians under Israeli occupation, the expansion of settlements in the occupied West Bank at an alarming rate, the continuous confiscation of Palestinian land in East Jerusalem, and the continued construction of the separation wall on Palestinian land.

“While the evacuation of Israeli presence from any portion of the occupied territories is welcomed, it must be part of a negotiated plan with the Palestinians as dictated by the U.S. envisioned road map to encompass a future contiguous Palestinian state? said Sameer Tuffaha, Chairman of the Board of the Palestinian American Congress.

We call on the US and the International Community to insist that Israel comply with International Law and International Human Rights standards.

PAC has available a list of speakers in all major US cities and in several states who can provide a Palestinian perspective on issues like the disengagement smokescreen, the wall being built on Palestinian land, settlements in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and refugees.

NGO Sues U.S. for Global AIDS Funding Restrictions
19 aug 2005

A Washington-based NGO has brought a lawsuit against the U.S. Agency for International Development for requiring from them an anti-prostitution pledge in order to qualify for funding. DKT provides HIV/AIDS prevention services to sex workers worldwide, and say the policy undermines their work to stem the spread of AIDS and human trafficking.

Has the "tipping Point" Been Reached in Iraq?
Jim Lobe, 19 Aug 2005

Has the US public lost so much confidence in the Bush administration's handling of the Iraq war that its current strategy - to the extent one actually exists - is unsustainable, asks Jim Lobe.

Kremlin Accused of Stifling Chechnya Coverage
19 Aug 2005

The Russian government's control of national television and its use of repressive rules, harassment, and attacks on journalists covering the conflict in Chechnya are depriving the Russian public of information about atrocities being committed there, a year-long investigation by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has found.

Health System Discriminates Against U$ Blacks, Poor
18 Aug 2005

Black and poor Americans receive less life-saving medical treatment than their white and well-off compatriots, health researchers said in separate studies suggesting that inequality is worsening.

Stop U$ Aid to Right-Wing Paramilitaries
Amnesty International, 17 Aug 2005

The U.S. recently adopted a law to demobilize armed groups in Colombia, which could result in greater impunity and de facto amnesties for human rights abuses, says Amnesty International, urging you to ask Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to not use U.S. aid for the demobilization process.

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