Re: Free Press Int'l Takes Heat for Slighting Local Affairs

Civilian Oversight is a reform measure used to educate - that's really all - cause nobody in there unbrainwashed mind wants police...but some reform measures are subversive depending on who is involved. It's not just educational either. It's a way to keep racism in the public eye. It makes people start thinkin about the police and community involvement. It may even have people thinkin radical anarchist thoughts about just taken care of business on their own - civilian defense. It may lead to revolution right from the place somebody's at - and surprise your low expectation ass. Police only protect one thing - capitalists and other tyrants. But that person who has that cop's foot steppin on their face with another kickin em in the side might not see it like that yet - til they get with these "reformist" folks who offer some radical analyis on the side - like desert, it's the best part...a little after dinner revolution. But there ain't no cake with Free Press and that conference. They ain't offering radical analysis on the side - they represent the worst of what reform sometimes is - no space for moving people in the direction of true liberation with the sweet taste of a bit of the truth. They're a liberal co-optation leading nowhere - arrogant white folks thinking they can lead the other arrogant white folks in the "nice" direction.

Folks at the conference so want to believe that the only direction that masses of people will follow is reform. But you talk to em right, like they got some brains...and don't waste there time boring em to seductive...well you just might find yourself inspiring some folks to more than you ever dreamed.

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An inglorious peace is better than a dishonorable war.
-- Mark Twain
Source: "Glances at History" (suppressed)

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