Re: U.S.–Made Mess in Somalia

i have a problem w/ eland's premises.

he writes [and i highlight]
The media should be focusing on one of the major causes of the Somali mess: U.S. government meddling

Somalia is the third example of the United States creating a potentially anti–U.S. Islamist threat where none previously existed. The U.S.–supported Ethiopian invasion weakened the Somali Islamists, but they are still fighting fiercely for control of Mogadishu, the capital. Like those in Iraq, all the Somali Islamists have to do is hang on until the foreign occupier gets exhausted and leaves. When that happens, the Islamists could very well become the dominant political force in the country, capitalizing on their “patriotic” resistance to the hated Ethiopian occupiers and their U.S. benefactors.

Yet the U.S. media help the U.S. government disguise these policy failures by failing to expose the underlying causes of violence, enabling the U.S. government to make the same mistakes over and over again

mr. eland is himself part of the problem. somalia's population is something like 99.9% muslim. tell me now, what political representation does he expect the somali constituency to have? and how does he see this as a potential threat to the u.s.? exactly whose eyes is he using to make this assessment?

the islamic courts union were NOT a radical islamic government authority. it was actually put into place thru the intervention of the business classes in somalia, as a solution to the then instable warlord state. and they brought stability & peace to the nation in the short six months they held power. those few elements who were deemed radical were not connected to "int'l terrorist organizations." specialists on terrorism in east africa generally agree on this. somalians & ethiopians have had a running animosity toward each other, largely residual from the unnatural boundaries drawn up in the colonization days.

the united states, via proxy, invaded somalia in december to destroy the courts & force an unpopular transitional govt, selected by foreign parties & dominated by a narrow clan interest (seeking control over future oil rents), upon the people of somalia. the u.s. had been training & equipping ethiopian forces for this very act for some time prior to december. this is not some foreign policy mistake or blunder or naive meddling. these are not mistakes. it is deliberate. it is a continuation of the reagan doctrine of using proxy armies to bring about regime change in govts that are not in the western camp([search]). and it's ironic that during reagan's regime, ethiopia was one of the countries targeted on its short list. meles zenawi was used in the coup then, and now, as a particularly venal authoritarian ruler of ethiopia, he is loyal to his western puppetmasters & openly lies to the world w/ the best of them. this is not to say that he doesn't also string the u.s. along.

but what i get from reading elan's piece is yet more of that rhetoric which presents the u.s. as being threatened by islamist governments around the world. it's a popular "progressive" view, that if only the dunderheads in office didn't stir up those crazy muslims, we'd be a lot safer.

folks, the really dangerous religious fundamentalists are easy to find, and we don't have to look across any ocean or national borders to spot them. classical & neoliberal alike.

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An inglorious peace is better than a dishonorable war.
-- Mark Twain
Source: "Glances at History" (suppressed)

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