Re: Hyrids, Biofuels and Other False Idols

Pretty biased here. With plenty of incorrect and undocumented claims.
FOr starters corn and soy that would be used for biofuels do not remove food from the table. Nobody is making ethanol out of sweet corn, and nobody that is growing sweetcorn is going to give that up for $2.50 a bushel grain corn. Most of the grain for ethanol is and was for cattle feed.
After the distilling process, the distillers grains can still be used as cattle feed. The major ethanol by-product is carbon-dioxide, which can easily be captured and bottled for sale.

Roads are bad because they remove plants and farms? But ag use for bio-fuel production is bad?

Since the Hybird owners may or may not be getting the projected MPG, perhaps they should all start driving H2's!
Global warming is a fact. What is also a fact is that the process of global warming started long before humans had any impact. At the last ice-age missouri had two huge glaciers, hundred to thousands of feet thick. They've been melting and receding ever since. I know we are warming at a faster pace than ever. So does an ice cube as it gets smaller. It has less mass and less surface area.
Why dont you offer real practical solutions


Re: Re: Hyrids, Biofuels and Other False Idols

your ice cube example is inaccurate and idiotic

Re: Re: Re: Hyrids, Biofuels and Other False Idols

How is it inaccurate and idiotic???
The glaciers have been melting since the end of the last ice-age. At one point Missouri was covered with two large glaciers and a third which moved in from Illinois. They melted long ago. Cliamte change is a normal occurance. We've had periods of global warming and global cooling all of which occured with out any influance of the human race. Long after mankind is gone, climate change will still continue to occur.

Re: Re: Hyrids, Biofuels and Other False Idols

Corn and soy used for biofuels DOES remove food from the table because the land used to grow such biofuels could otherwise be used for edible corn/soy. Farmers who previously produced edible corn are now switching to corn that can be used for biofuels-thus impacting our access to edible corn. I do agree that the ethanol by-product can be used as cattle feed, but that doesn't negate the fact that 1) as mentioned, much of the land used would be used to grow edible corn, and 2) there is not currently an efficient way to produce ethanol that offsets the high cost of growing, distilling, and transporting it.

"The major ethanol by-product is carbon-dioxide, which can easily be captured and bottled for sale" WHAT?! If carbon-dioxide could be captured and bottled for sale then we wouldn't need to have this conversation. CO2 is the largest contributor by far to greenhouse gas emissions. 1) how do you capture CO2? 2) who would we sell CO2 to and what would we use it for?

Agricultural use for bio-fuel production is bad because the amount of CO2 taken out of the air by that agricultural is not equal to the amount used to grow corn, produce ethanol, and finally transport it.

Suggesting that hybrids do not get projected MPG is no reason to drive H2s. It is reason to drop both because neither provide a long term solution to our issue.

Global Warming is fact. It is also fact that the earth has been warming for centuries and that right now it is warming faster than ever. According to the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Global Climate Change (the leading panel on this issue) scientists are 90% sure that the increased warming is a result of human actions. Now we could wait around for them to be 100% sure-and at the same time allow our earth to die, or we could accept 90% as a good reason to begin making changes. 90% is enough for me.

Real practical solutions? I think walking, riding a bike, and using mass transit are pretty practical. However, the greatest thing this article does is set the "go green" movement on the right track. Not everything is a solution-you have to recognize the problems first.

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