Re: Student Sit-in at City Hall

Received from a Myspace friend:

The latest development in the attempted hijacking of St Louis City
Public Schools (and the subversion of democracy) by mayor Francis Slay([search])
is that a group of students have staged a sit in at the mayor's office
in City Hall. In addition to presenting the mayor with a list of
demands, the students have created a song which was aptly titled The
Democracy Anthem.

The students are in need of as much support as we can provide them. In
addition to donations of food and drink, they will greatly benefit from
your visits. The media is expectedly downplaying these events so we have
to do all we can to let them know that they are being heard and
supported. Burn and play the songs, contact radio stations, your elected
officials, and if you have just 5 minutes, stop by and show them your

The song can also be obtained from a site created by the students :

Video of a Post-Dispatch reporter questioning the young'ns, for whatever

The P-D's (insulting) coverage.

Aaaaaand...the cops are coming.

"A trespass charge is not gonna be the reason for me not being
successful in life..."
"My ancestors fought for their education...I'm gonna continue that..."
--some courageous kids...

I was just down there...I spoke to Lizz Brown and she said the two
things she wanted to emphasize that people could do to help were:

1. Spread the word about whats going on--the protest itself AND the fact
that they aren't letting any more people into the Mayor's office...they
are trying to keep a tight lid on this at City Hall...tell your friends,
forward emails, and get at Mayor Slay: 314.622.3201, or

2. Come down in numbers and fill the hallways outside the Mayor's
office...just taking up space and showing your support for these kids...

So pass this on, post a MySpace bulletin, call Mayor Slay and/or come
down to City Hall (1200 Market St.)...


Re: Re: Student Sit-in at City Hall

Yo, Benjie! Or is you Adam?
You actually consulted with Lizz Brown as to what you should do???
You is one crazy white boy!

Re: Re: Re: Student Sit-in at City Hall

Your comments are probably better directed to the folks actually doing the sit-in.

Pub Def has coverage of the ongoing sit in.

Maybe you can find some names to heckle there.

Re: heckling

Seems to me you have been connected to gathering and organizing people for the sole purpose of deliberately heckling and ruining other people's events, yet you take offense when a little friendly heckling is directed at you. So how does it feel?
For as long as you continue to interfere with others, you can expect to receive the same. Otherwise, can we declare a truce?

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